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Target Name and Classification

Target ID CHEMBL1293237
Preferred Name Bloom syndrome protein
Synonyms BLM | Bloom syndrome protein | DNA helicase, RecQ-like type 2 | RECQ2 | RECQL3 | RecQ protein-like 3 | RecQ2
Organism Homo sapiens
Species Group No
Protein Target Classification
  • enzyme

Target Components

Component Description Relationship Accession
Bloom syndrome protein SINGLE PROTEIN P54132

Target Associated Bioactivities

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Target Cross References - Gene

Array Express ENSG00000197299
Ensembl ENSG00000197299
GO Cellular Component GO:0000228 (nuclear chromosome)
GO:0000781 (chromosome, telomeric region)
GO:0000800 (lateral element)
GO:0005622 (intracellular)
GO:0005634 (nucleus)
GO:0005654 (nucleoplasm)
GO:0005657 (replication fork)
GO:0005730 (nucleolus)
GO:0005737 (cytoplasm)
GO:0005829 (cytosol)
GO:0016363 (nuclear matrix)
GO:0016605 (PML body)
GO Molecular Function GO:0000166 (nucleotide binding)
GO:0000400 (four-way junction DNA binding)
GO:0000403 (Y-form DNA binding)
GO:0000405 (bubble DNA binding)
GO:0002039 (p53 binding)
GO:0003676 (nucleic acid binding)
GO:0003677 (DNA binding)
GO:0003678 (DNA helicase activity)
GO:0003697 (single-stranded DNA binding)
GO:0003824 (catalytic activity)
GO:0004003 (ATP-dependent DNA helicase activity)
GO:0004386 (helicase activity)
GO:0005515 (protein binding)
GO:0005524 (ATP binding)
GO:0008026 (ATP-dependent helicase activity)
GO:0008094 (DNA-dependent ATPase activity)
GO:0008270 (zinc ion binding)
GO:0009378 (four-way junction helicase activity)
GO:0016787 (hydrolase activity)
GO:0016818 (hydrolase activity, acting on acid anhydrides, in phosphorus-containing anhydrides)
GO:0016887 (ATPase activity)
GO:0036310 (annealing helicase activity)
GO:0042803 (protein homodimerization activity)
GO:0043140 (ATP-dependent 3'-5' DNA helicase activity)
GO:0046872 (metal ion binding)
GO:0051880 (G-quadruplex DNA binding)
GO:0061749 (forked DNA-dependent helicase activity)
GO:0061821 (telomeric D-loop binding)
GO:0061849 (telomeric G-quadruplex DNA binding)
GO:1905773 (8-hydroxy-2'-deoxyguanosine DNA binding)
GO Biological Process GO:0000079 (regulation of cyclin-dependent protein serine/threonine kinase activity)
GO:0000724 (double-strand break repair via homologous recombination)
GO:0000729 (DNA double-strand break processing)
GO:0000731 (DNA synthesis involved in DNA repair)
GO:0000732 (strand displacement)
GO:0000733 (DNA strand renaturation)
GO:0006260 (DNA replication)
GO:0006281 (DNA repair)
GO:0006310 (DNA recombination)
GO:0006974 (cellular response to DNA damage stimulus)
GO:0007095 (mitotic G2 DNA damage checkpoint)
GO:0010165 (response to X-ray)
GO:0031297 (replication fork processing)
GO:0032508 (DNA duplex unwinding)
GO:0044237 (cellular metabolic process)
GO:0044806 (G-quadruplex DNA unwinding)
GO:0045893 (positive regulation of transcription, DNA-templated)
GO:0045910 (negative regulation of DNA recombination)
GO:0048478 (replication fork protection)
GO:0051259 (protein oligomerization)
GO:0051260 (protein homooligomerization)
GO:0051782 (negative regulation of cell division)
GO:0061820 (telomeric D-loop disassembly)
GO:0071479 (cellular response to ionizing radiation)
GO:0072711 (cellular response to hydroxyurea)
GO:0072757 (cellular response to camptothecin)
GO:0090329 (regulation of DNA-dependent DNA replication)
GO:0090656 (t-circle formation)
GO:1901796 (regulation of signal transduction by p53 class mediator)
Wikipedia Bloom_syndrome_protein

Target Cross References - Protein

canSAR P54132
CGD Bloom syndrome
Human Protein Atlas ENSG00000197299
IntAct P54132
Open Targets ENSG00000197299
PharmGKB PA25369
Reactome R-HSA-3108214 (SUMOylation of DNA damage response and repair proteins.)
R-HSA-5685938 (HDR through Single Strand Annealing (SSA).)
R-HSA-5685942 (HDR through Homologous Recombination (HRR).)
R-HSA-5693554 (Resolution of D-loop Structures through Synthesis-Dependent Strand Annealing (SDSA).)
R-HSA-5693568 (Resolution of D-loop Structures through Holliday Junction Intermediates.)
R-HSA-5693579 (Homologous DNA Pairing and Strand Exchange.)
R-HSA-5693607 (Processing of DNA double-strand break ends.)
R-HSA-5693616 (Presynaptic phase of homologous DNA pairing and strand exchange.)
R-HSA-6804756 (Regulation of TP53 Activity through Phosphorylation.)
R-HSA-69473 (G2/M DNA damage checkpoint.)
R-HSA-912446 (Meiotic recombination.)
UniProt P54132 Q52M96

Target Cross References - Domain

InterPro IPR001650 (Helicase_C.)
IPR002121 (HRDC_dom.)
IPR002464 (DNA/RNA_helicase_DEAH_CS.)
IPR004589 (DNA_helicase_ATP-dep_RecQ.)
IPR010997 (HRDC-like_sf.)
IPR011545 (DEAD/DEAH_box_helicase_dom.)
IPR012532 (BDHCT.)
IPR014001 (Helicase_ATP-bd.)
IPR018982 (RQC_domain.)
IPR027417 (P-loop_NTPase.)
IPR032284 (RecQ_Zn-bd.)
IPR032437 (BLM_N.)
IPR032439 (BDHCT_assoc.)
IPR036388 (WH-like_DNA-bd_sf.)
IPR036390 (WH_DNA-bd_sf.)
Pfam PF00270 (DEAD)
PF00271 (Helicase_C)
PF00570 (HRDC)
PF08072 (BDHCT)
PF09382 (RQC)
PF16124 (RecQ_Zn_bind)
PF16202 (BLM_N)
PF16204 (BDHCT_assoc)

Target Cross References - Structure

PDBe 3WE2 3WE3 4CDG 4CGZ 4O3M 5LUP 5M1V 5MK5 5U6K