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Selected Source Assay Counts Activity Counts
Scientific Literature10168915913066 (40.29%)
Open TG-GATEs158199158199 (1.08%)
DrugMatrix113678350929 (2.39%)
TP-search Transporter Database35926765 (0.05%)
PubChem BioAssays29377559601 (51.51%)
BindingDB Database186899039 (0.67%)
FDA Approval Packages13861387 (0.01%)
Patent Bioactivity Data113420941 (0.14%)
Sanger Institute Genomics of Drug Sensitivity in Cancer71473169 (0.5%)
Curated Drug Pharmacokinetic Data5191163 (0.01%)
GSK Published Kinase Inhibitor Set456169451 (1.15%)
Drugs for Neglected Diseases Initiative (DNDi)23314452 (0.1%)
MMV Malaria Box13845158 (0.31%)
MMV Pathogen Box823857 (0.03%)
Open Source Malaria Screening22344 (0%)
St Jude Malaria Screening165456 (0.04%)
WHO-TDR Malaria Screening165853 (0.04%)
GSK Tuberculosis Screening151814 (0.01%)
CO-ADD antimicrobial screening data15180 (0%)
AstraZeneca Deposited Data1511687 (0.08%)
GSK Kinetoplastid Screening137235 (0.05%)
Deposited Supplementary Bioactivity Data134817 (0.03%)
Curated Drug Metabolism Pathways1111 (0%)
Novartis Malaria Screening627888 (0.19%)
GSK Malaria Screening681198 (0.55%)
St Jude Leishmania Screening642105 (0.29%)
Harvard Malaria Screening4111 (0%)
Gates Library compound collection269444 (0.47%)
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ChEMBL Overview Image The ChEMBL database (ChEMBLdb) contains medicinal chemistry bioassay data, integrated from a wide variety of sources (the literature, deposited data sets, other bioassay databases). Subsets of ChEMBLdb, relating to particular target classes, or disease areas, are exported to smaller databases, These separate data sets, and the entire ChEMBLdb, are available either via ftp downloads, or via bespoke query interfaces, tailored to the requirements of the scientific communities with a specific interest in these research areas. spacer