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Compound Report Card

Compound Name and Classification

Compound ID CHEMBL938
Compound Name SARALASIN
ChEMBL Synonyms P-113 | Sarenin | Saralasin Acetate | Saralasin
Max Phase 4 (Approved)
Trade Names Sarenin
Molecular Formula C42H65N13O10

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HELM Notation

CHEMBL938 HELM Notation

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Mechanism of Action

Mechanism of Action ChEMBL Target References
Type-1 angiotensin II receptor antagonist Type-1 angiotensin II receptor PubMed

Molecule Features

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Drug Type:Oligopeptide Rule of Five:N First In Class:N Chirality:Single Stereoisomer Prodrug:N Oral:N Parenteral:Y Topical:N Black Box:N Availability Type:Discontinued

Clinical Data

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Compound Bioactivity Summary

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Compound Target Summary

Compound Cross References

Wikipedia Saralasin

UniChem Cross References

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ACToR 34273-10-4
BindinDB 50009338
eMolecules 32278492
IBM Patent System F3A265FF517C3835F393DDB54EA4151E
IBM Patents US5258362 WO2007111811A2 WO2002016416A2 US5091390 WO2010030728A2 EP0483683B1 EP1117426A2 US20080145658 US20100221340 WO2010027678A2 WO2001021163A2 WO2007143159A2 EP1796655A2 EP1791506A2 EP0527851A1 EP2010169A2 US5652097 EP2190493A2 WO2004091714A2 EP1776108A1 US7855221 EP1656083A1 EP1750712A2 WO1992010181A1 US7122198 US20100022599 EP1746882A2 US20050288272 US20100317713 EP0301639A2 WO2007114881A1 US20060009431 US20040005306 EP1386165A2 US20080069858 US6165978 EP1828155A2 EP2155278A2 WO2009038922A1 WO1995026724A1 WO1992000067A2 US20080311173 US20050064011 EP0229667A2 EP2035005A2 US20060013866 EP0696583A1 EP0680480B1 US20060013853 US4900745 US20050129775 WO2010030873A1 WO2009158333A2 EP0554107B1 EP1865770A2 EP2081981A2 WO2005025673A1 US20020058686 US5834432 US20100285073 US5071837 WO2005018561A2 US20040121989 US6635273 EP1951725B1 WO2005092333A1 EP2021042A2 US20030096851 US20090029077 EP1742679A2 WO2010070677A2 US20090054473 WO1996040086A2 US20080050415 US20050209266 WO2005079754A2 WO2005018635A2 US20050143435 WO2010011821A2 US7517914 EP1701943A1 EP1909576A2 WO1997002032A1 WO2008057697A2 WO2010040187A1 WO2006027711A2 EP1490124A2 US20070037815 US20030195205 EP1699436A2 WO2003068288A1 US20080306041 US5538987 US20050238639 WO2007097951A2 WO2008045604A2 WO1992010186A1 US5196537 EP1984010A2 EP2019698A2
Nikkaji J18.486A
PubChem 6324663
PubChem: Thomson Pharma 14889748 17384052 14816411

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