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Selected Source Assay Counts Activity Counts
Scientific Literature8681285061221 (37.43%)
Open TG-GATEs158199158199 (1.17%)
DrugMatrix113678350929 (2.6%)
TP-search Transporter Database35926765 (0.05%)
PubChem BioAssays27677432508 (54.97%)
Sanger Institute Genomics of Drug Sensitivity in Cancer71473169 (0.54%)
Millipore Kinase Screening46873944 (0.55%)
GSK Published Kinase Inhibitor Set456169451 (1.25%)
Guide to Receptors and Channels344801 (0.01%)
Drugs for Neglected Diseases Initiative (DNDi)22513752 (0.1%)
MMV Malaria Box13544745 (0.33%)
Open Source Malaria Screening22344 (0%)
St Jude Malaria Screening165456 (0.04%)
WHO-TDR Malaria Screening165853 (0.04%)
AstraZeneca Deposited Data1511687 (0.09%)
Novartis Malaria Screening627888 (0.21%)
GSK Malaria Screening681198 (0.6%)
Deposited Supplementary Bioactivity Data51310 (0.01%)
GSK Tuberculosis Screening51406 (0.01%)
Harvard Malaria Screening4111 (0%)
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