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Target Name and Classification

Target ID CHEMBL3156
Preferred Name Thromboxane A2 receptor
Synonyms Prostanoid TP receptor | TXA2-R | TXR2 | Tbxa2r | Thromboxane A2 receptor
Organism Rattus norvegicus
Species Group No
Protein Target Classification
  • membrane receptor > family a g protein-coupled receptor > small molecule receptor (family a gpcr) > lipid-like ligand receptor (family a gpcr) > prostanoid receptor

Target Components

Component Description Relationship Accession
Thromboxane A2 receptor SINGLE PROTEIN P34978

Target Associated Bioactivities

Target Associated Assays

Target Ligand Efficiencies

Target Associated Compound Properties

Target Cross References - Gene

GO Cellular Component GO:0001669 (acrosomal vesicle)
GO:0005886 (plasma membrane)
GO:0016020 (membrane)
GO:0016021 (integral component of membrane)
GO:0016607 (nuclear speck)
GO Molecular Function GO:0004871 (signal transducer activity)
GO:0004930 (G-protein coupled receptor activity)
GO:0004960 (thromboxane receptor activity)
GO:0004961 (thromboxane A2 receptor activity)
GO:0005515 (protein binding)
GO Biological Process GO:0006954 (inflammatory response)
GO:0007165 (signal transduction)
GO:0007186 (G-protein coupled receptor signaling pathway)
GO:0007204 (positive regulation of cytosolic calcium ion concentration)
GO:0007584 (response to nutrient)
GO:0019229 (regulation of vasoconstriction)
GO:0019932 (second-messenger-mediated signaling)
GO:0030104 (water homeostasis)
GO:0030194 (positive regulation of blood coagulation)
GO:0032496 (response to lipopolysaccharide)
GO:0033574 (response to testosterone)
GO:0038193 (thromboxane A2 signaling pathway)
GO:0042493 (response to drug)
GO:0045471 (response to ethanol)
GO:0045766 (positive regulation of angiogenesis)
GO:0045777 (positive regulation of blood pressure)
GO:0045907 (positive regulation of vasoconstriction)
GO:0045987 (positive regulation of smooth muscle contraction)
GO:0071222 (cellular response to lipopolysaccharide)
GO:0090051 (negative regulation of cell migration involved in sprouting angiogenesis)

Target Cross References - Protein

canSAR P34978
IntAct P34978
Guide to Pharmacology 346
Reactome R-RNO-391908 (Prostanoid ligand receptors.)
R-RNO-416476 (G alpha (q) signalling events.)
R-RNO-416482 (G alpha (12/13) signalling events.)
R-RNO-428930 (Thromboxane signalling through TP receptor.)
UniProt P34978

Target Cross References - Domain

InterPro IPR000276 (GPCR_Rhodpsn.)
IPR001105 (Thbox_rcpt.)
IPR008365 (Prostanoid_rcpt.)
IPR017452 (GPCR_Rhodpsn_7TM.)
Pfam PF00001 (7tm_1)