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1. What compounds are included in the Malaria Database?

This currently includes compounds from the MMV Malaria Box screening set, the GSK TCAMS dataset, Novartis GNF datasets, a data set from St Jude Hospital and compounds in the ChEMBL database for which there is bioactivity data in a malaria-related screen.

2. Does the database just include data on malaria-related assays?

If a compound has been tested in a screen for malaria and also in some other bioactivity assay, the data for the malaria assay and the other assays it was tested in will be included. For example, amodiaquine (CHEMBL682) was screened by GSK, Novartis and St Jude in plasmodium assays but there is also pharmacokinetic data available for it from the scientific literature. A compound search for amodiaquine will show all this data via links on the compound report card.

3. How do I search for data on compounds that are part of a specific dataset?

On the compound search page you can select specific sets using the "Compound Source Filter" link. From this you can select either one or several specific compound sets to search. Remember to click the update button after making your selection

4. Is there any information on marketed malaria drugs in the database?

Yes, by selecting the "Malaria Drugs" link you can see a summary of the drugs to treat or prevent malaria. Selecting an individual drug takes you to a compound report card for the drug that enables you to see the data in the database on that drug.

5. Which web browser should I use to view Malaria Data website?

We would recommend using the most the recent versions of Firefox or Chrome. Note that all major browsers have been tested; if, however, you experience any issues please get in touch