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Selected Source Assay Counts Activity Counts
Scientific Literature10417336043592 (39.74%)
Patent Bioactivity Data425874050 (0.49%)
BindingDB Database4147303295 (1.99%)
TP-search Transporter Database35926765 (0.04%)
PubChem BioAssays28607434992 (48.89%)
FDA Approval Packages13861387 (0.01%)
Sanger Institute Genomics of Drug Sensitivity in Cancer71473169 (0.48%)
GSK Published Kinase Inhibitor Set456169451 (1.11%)
Drugs for Neglected Diseases Initiative (DNDi)23314452 (0.1%)
MMV Malaria Box13845158 (0.3%)
Curated Drug Pharmacokinetic Data1361163 (0.01%)
DrugMatrix134494046 (3.25%)
MMV Pathogen Box844657 (0.03%)
K4DD Project462064 (0.01%)
Open Source Malaria Screening22344 (0%)
St Jude Malaria Screening165456 (0.04%)
WHO-TDR Malaria Screening165853 (0.04%)
GSK Tuberculosis Screening151814 (0.01%)
CO-ADD antimicrobial screening data15180 (0%)
AstraZeneca Deposited Data1511687 (0.08%)
GSK Kinetoplastid Screening137235 (0.05%)
Deposited Supplementary Bioactivity Data134817 (0.03%)
Curated Drug Metabolism Pathways1111 (0%)
St Jude Leishmania Screening642105 (0.28%)
Novartis Malaria Screening627888 (0.18%)
GSK Malaria Screening681198 (0.53%)
Harvard Malaria Screening4111 (0%)
Gates Library compound collection4139775 (0.92%)
Open TG-GATEs2210708 (1.39%)
Published Kinase Inhibitor Set 21491 (0%)
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ChEMBL Downloads

Name Current Release Last Update Description
ChEMBLdb 24.1 June 2018 ChEMBL Database downloads, which includes Oracle, MySQL and PostgreSQL versions of the ChEMBL database, as well as SDF, FASTA and release note files. Main website link here.
SureChEMBL Q1 2017 Q1 2017 SureChEMBL quarterly compound exports and map files (see also here). Main website link here.
UniChem UDRI(loading...) (loading...) Data dumps from UniChem. Includes source maps, Oracle exports and KNIME protocols. Main website link here. Number of structures: (loading...)
myChEMBL 20.0 July 2015 myChEMBL is a version of ChEMBL built using Open Source software (Ubuntu, PostgreSQL, RDKit) and is distributed as a Virtual Machine, more details here.
ChEMBL-RDF 24.1 June 2018 RDF Version of ChEMBL database. The file download format is turtle and the minor version number corresponds to changes in RDF format and not the underlying ChEMBL data.
ChEMBLNTD NA February 2016 Datasets made available via the ChEMBL-NTD website. Current dataset contribuotors include GSK, Novartis, St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, DNDi, Harvard Medical School and TropIQ Health Sciences. Main website link here.
MalariaData 2.0 January 2013 Release notes for Malaria Data website, a searchable database which contains compounds, targets and assays related to malaria. Main website link here.
DrugEBIlity 3.0 September 2012 Flatfile downloads for DrugEBIlity system.
GPCRSARfari 3.00 June 2012 Flatfile downloads for GPCR SARfari system.
KinaseSARfari 5.01 December 2011 Flatfile downloads for Kinase SARfari system. Main website link here.
VEHICLe 1.0 April 2010 Dataset described in 'Heteroaromatic Rings of the Future', by Pitt et al., more details here.

ChEMBL Database Release DOIs

To reference a specific release of the ChEMBL Database, please use DOI in table below.

Release Date Release DOI
CHEMBL24.1 June 2018 10.6019/CHEMBL.database.24.1
CHEMBL24 May 2018 10.6019/CHEMBL.database.24
CHEMBL23 May 2017 10.6019/CHEMBL.database.23
CHEMBL22.1 November 2016 10.6019/CHEMBL.database.22.1
CHEMBL22 September 2016 10.6019/CHEMBL.database.22
CHEMBL21 March 2016 10.6019/CHEMBL.database.21
CHEMBL20 February 2015 10.6019/CHEMBL.database.20
CHEMBL19 July 2014 10.6019/CHEMBL.database.19
CHEMBL18 April 2014 10.6019/CHEMBL.database.18
CHEMBL17 September 2013 10.6019/CHEMBL.database.17
CHEMBL16 May 2013 10.6019/CHEMBL.database.16
CHEMBL15 January 2013 10.6019/CHEMBL.database.15
CHEMBL14 July 2012 10.6019/CHEMBL.database.14
CHEMBL13 February 2012 10.6019/CHEMBL.database.13
CHEMBL12 December 2011 10.6019/CHEMBL.database.12
CHEMBL11 August 2011 10.6019/CHEMBL.database.11
CHEMBL10 June 2011 10.6019/CHEMBL.database.10
CHEMBL09 February 2011 10.6019/CHEMBL.database.09
CHEMBL08 November 2010 10.6019/CHEMBL.database.08
CHEMBL07 October 2010 10.6019/CHEMBL.database.07
CHEMBL06 September 2010 10.6019/CHEMBL.database.06
CHEMBL05 July 2010 10.6019/CHEMBL.database.05
CHEMBL04 May 2010 10.6019/CHEMBL.database.04
CHEMBL03 April 2010 10.6019/CHEMBL.database.03
CHEMBL02 December 2009 10.6019/CHEMBL.database.02
CHEMBL01 October 2009 10.6019/CHEMBL.database.01


To reference a specific release of the ChEMBL-RDF, please use DOI in table below.

Release Date Release DOI
CHEMBL-RDF 24.1 June 2018 10.6019/CHEMBL.RDF.24.1
CHEMBL-RDF 24 May 2018 10.6019/CHEMBL.RDF.24.0
CHEMBL-RDF 23 May 2017 10.6019/CHEMBL.RDF.23.0
CHEMBL-RDF 22.1 November 2016 10.6019/CHEMBL.RDF.22.1
CHEMBL-RDF 22.0 September 2016 10.6019/CHEMBL.RDF.22.0
CHEMBL-RDF 21.0 March 2016 10.6019/CHEMBL.RDF.21.0
CHEMBL-RDF 20.0 February 2015 10.6019/CHEMBL.RDF.20.0
CHEMBL-RDF 19.0 July 2014 10.6019/CHEMBL.RDF.19.0
CHEMBL-RDF 18.0 April 2014 10.6019/CHEMBL.RDF.18.0
CHEMBL-RDF 17.0 September 2013 10.6019/CHEMBL.RDF.17.0
CHEMBL-RDF 16.0 May 2013 10.6019/CHEMBL.RDF.16.0

myChEMBL Release DOIs

To reference a specific release of myChEMBL, please use DOI in table below.

Release Date Release DOI
myCHEMBL 20.0 July 2015 10.6019/CHEMBL.myCHEMBL.20.0
myCHEMBL 19.0 October 2014 10.6019/CHEMBL.myCHEMBL.19.0
myCHEMBL 18.0 June 2014 10.6019/CHEMBL.myCHEMBL.18.0
myCHEMBL 17.0 October 2013 10.6019/CHEMBL.myCHEMBL.17.0