CHEBI:87487 - short-chain 3-substituted propanoyl-CoA(4−)

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ChEBI Name short-chain 3-substituted propanoyl-CoA(4−)
ChEBI ASCII Name short-chain 3-substituted propanoyl-CoA(4-)
Definition A 3-substituted propionyl-CoA(4−) obtained by deprotonation of the phosphate and diphosphate OH groups of any short-chain 3-substituted propionyl-CoA; major species at pH 7.3.
Stars This entity has been manually annotated by the ChEBI Team.
Submitter Kristian Axelsen
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Formula C24H35N7O17P3SR
Net Charge -4
Average Mass (excl. R groups) 818.560
Monoisotopic Mass (excl. R groups) 818.10230
SMILES CC(C)(COP([O-])(=O)OP([O-])(=O)OC[C@H]1O[C@H]([C@H](O)[C@@H]1OP([O-])([O-])=O)n1cnc2c(N)ncnc12)[C@@H](O)C(=O)NCCC(=O)NCCSC(=O)CC[*]
ChEBI Ontology
Outgoing short-chain 3-substituted propanoyl-CoA(4−) (CHEBI:87487) is a 3-substituted propionyl-CoA(4−) (CHEBI:65111)
Synonym Source
a short-chain 2,3-saturated fatty acyl-CoA UniProt
Manual Xref Database
Short-Chain-234-Saturated-acyl-CoAs MetaCyc
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Last Modified
17 August 2015