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ChEBI Name merbromin
Definition An organic sodium salt that is 2,7-dibromo-4-hydroxymercurifluorescein in which the carboxy group and the phenolic hydroxy group have been deprotonated and the resulting charge is neutralised by two sodium ions.
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Formulae C20H8Br2HgNa2O6
Net Charge 0
Average Mass 750.660
Monoisotopic Mass 749.819
InChI InChI=1S/C20H9Br2O5.Hg.2Na.H2O/c21-13-5-11-17(7-15(13)23)27-18-8-16(24)14(22)6-12(18)19(11)9-3-1-2-4-10(9)20(25)26;;;;/h1-7,24H,(H,25,26);;;;1H2/q;3*+1;/p-3
SMILES C1=C(C(C=C2C1=C(C3=C(O2)C(=C(C(=C3)Br)[O-])[Hg]O)C4=CC=CC=C4C([O-])=O)=O)Br.[Na+].[Na+]
Roles Classification
Application(s): antiseptic drug
A substance used locally on humans and other animals to destroy harmful microorganisms or to inhibit their activity (cf. disinfectants, which destroy microorganisms found on non-living objects, and antibiotics, which can be transported through the lymphatic system to destroy bacteria within the body).
A fluorescent dye used to stain biological specimens.
histological dye
A dye used in microscopic or electron microscopic examination of cells and tissues to give contrast and to highlight particular features of interest, such as nuclei and cytoplasm.
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ChEBI Ontology
Outgoing merbromin (CHEBI:6763) has part 2,7-dibromo-4-hydroxymercurifluorescein(2−) (CHEBI:90220)
merbromin (CHEBI:6763) has role antiseptic drug (CHEBI:48218)
merbromin (CHEBI:6763) has role fluorochrome (CHEBI:51217)
merbromin (CHEBI:6763) has role histological dye (CHEBI:77178)
merbromin (CHEBI:6763) is a organic sodium salt (CHEBI:38700)
disodium [2,7-dibromo-9-(2-carboxylatophenyl)-6-oxido-3-oxo-3H-xanthen-5-yl](hydroxy)mercury
INNs Sources
merbromina ChemIDplus
merbromine ChemIDplus
merbrominum ChemIDplus
Synonyms Sources
2,7-Dibromo-4-hydroxymercurifluoresceine disodium salt ChemIDplus
Disodium 2',7'-dibromo-4'-(hydroxymercury)fluorescein ChemIDplus
Mercurochrome KEGG DRUG
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Merbromin Wikipedia
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Registry Numbers Types Sources
129-16-8 CAS Registry Number ChemIDplus
129-16-8 CAS Registry Number KEGG DRUG
9979863 Reaxys Registry Number Reaxys
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05 November 2015