CHEBI:64045 - amisulpride

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ChEBI Name amisulpride
Definition A member of the class of benzamides resulting from the formal condensation of the carboxy group of 4-amino-5-(ethylsulfonyl)-2-methoxybenzoic acid with the primary amino group of 2-(aminomethyl)-1-ethylpyrrolidine. It is a potent, selective dopamine D2 and D3 receptor antagonist. It is an atypical antipsychotic/antischizophrenic agent with limited extrapyrimidal side effects.
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Formula C17H27N3O4S
Net Charge 0
Average Mass 369.47900
Monoisotopic Mass 369.17223
InChI InChI=1S/C17H27N3O4S/c1-4-20-8-6-7-12(20)11-19-17(21)13-9-16(25(22,23)5-2)14(18)10-15(13)24-3/h9-10,12H,4-8,11,18H2,1-3H3,(H,19,21)
Roles Classification
Chemical Role(s): environmental contaminant
Any minor or unwanted substance introduced into the environment that can have undesired effects.
Bronsted base
A molecular entity capable of accepting a hydron from a donor (Bronsted acid).
(via organic amino compound )
Biological Role(s): xenobiotic
A xenobiotic (Greek, xenos "foreign"; bios "life") is a compound that is foreign to a living organism. Principal xenobiotics include: drugs, carcinogens and various compounds that have been introduced into the environment by artificial means.
Application(s): second generation antipsychotic
Antipsychotic drugs which can have different modes of action but which tend to be less likely than first generation antipsychotics to cause extrapyramidal motor control disabilities such as body rigidity or Parkinson's disease-type movements.
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ChEBI Ontology
Outgoing amisulpride (CHEBI:64045) has role environmental contaminant (CHEBI:78298)
amisulpride (CHEBI:64045) has role second generation antipsychotic (CHEBI:65191)
amisulpride (CHEBI:64045) has role xenobiotic (CHEBI:35703)
amisulpride (CHEBI:64045) is a aromatic amide (CHEBI:62733)
amisulpride (CHEBI:64045) is a aromatic amine (CHEBI:33860)
amisulpride (CHEBI:64045) is a benzamides (CHEBI:22702)
amisulpride (CHEBI:64045) is a pyrrolidines (CHEBI:38260)
amisulpride (CHEBI:64045) is a sulfone (CHEBI:35850)
INNs Sources
amisulprida ChemIDplus
amisulpride KEGG DRUG
amisulpridum ChemIDplus
Synonyms Sources
4-Amino-N-((1-ethyl-2-pyrrolidinyl)methyl)-5-(ethylsulfonyl)-2-methoxybenzamide ChemIDplus
4-Amino-N-((1-ethyl-2-pyrrolidinyl)methyl)-5-(ethylsulfonyl)-o-anisamide ChemIDplus
Aminosultopride DrugBank
Manual Xrefs Databases
179 DrugCentral
Amisulpride Wikipedia
BE872585 Patent
DB06288 DrugBank
HMDB0015633 HMDB
US4401822 Patent
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6876191 Reaxys Registry Number Reaxys
71675-85-9 CAS Registry Number ChemIDplus
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22 February 2017
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