CHEBI:62862 - tetramyristoyl cardiolipin

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ChEBI Name tetramyristoyl cardiolipin
Definition A cardiolipin derivative in which all four of the phosphatidyl acyl groups are specified as myristoyl (tetradecanoyl).
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Formula C65H126O17P2
Net Charge 0
Average Mass 1241.63330
Monoisotopic Mass 1240.84703
InChI InChI=1S/C65H126O17P2/c1-5-9-13-17-21-25-29-33-37-41-45-49-62(67)75-55-60(81-64(69)51-47-43-39-35-31-27-23-19-15-11-7-3)57-79-83(71,72)77-53-59(66)54-78-84(73,74)80-58-61(82-65(70)52-48-44-40-36-32-28-24-20-16-12-8-4)56-76-63(68)50-46-42-38-34-30-26-22-18-14-10-6-2/h59-61,66H,5-58H2,1-4H3,(H,71,72)(H,73,74)/t60-,61-/m1/s1
Roles Classification
Biological Role(s): Escherichia coli metabolite
Any bacterial metabolite produced during a metabolic reaction in Escherichia coli.
(via cardiolipin )
(via phosphatidylglycerol )
human metabolite
Any mammalian metabolite produced during a metabolic reaction in humans (Homo sapiens).
(via cardiolipin )
mouse metabolite
Any mammalian metabolite produced during a metabolic reaction in a mouse (Mus musculus).
(via cardiolipin )
(via phosphatidylglycerol )
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ChEBI Ontology
Outgoing tetramyristoyl cardiolipin (CHEBI:62862) is a cardiolipin (CHEBI:28494)
tetramyristoyl cardiolipin (CHEBI:62862) is a tetradecanoate ester (CHEBI:87691)
tetramyristoyl cardiolipin (CHEBI:62862) is conjugate acid of tetramyristoyl cardiolipin(2−) (CHEBI:156229)
Incoming tetramyristoyl cardiolipin(2−) (CHEBI:156229) is conjugate base of tetramyristoyl cardiolipin (CHEBI:62862)
(17R,29R)-20,23,26-trihydroxy-20,26-dioxido-14,32-dioxo-15,19,21,25,27,31-hexaoxa-20λ5,26λ5-diphosphapentatetracontane-17,29-diyl ditetradecanoate
Synonyms Sources
1,1'2,2'-tetramyristoyl cardiolipin ChEBI
1,1'2,2'-tetramyristoylcardiolipin ChEBI
tetramyristoylcardiolipin ChEBI
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KR20090007558 Patent
MX2008010826 Patent
US2010323000 Patent
WO2007100808 Patent
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