CHEBI:62726 - nitrosoperoxycarbonate(1−)

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ChEBI Name nitrosoperoxycarbonate(1−)
ChEBI ASCII Name nitrosoperoxycarbonate(1-)
Definition A carbon oxoanion that results from the removal of a proton from nitrosoperoxycarbonic acid. It is formed in vivo by nucleophilic reaction of peroxynitrite with carbon dioxide, and is an important reactive species in inflammation processes.
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Submitter R. Stephan
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Formula CNO5
Net Charge -1
Average Mass 106.01440
Monoisotopic Mass 105.97820
InChI InChI=1S/CHNO5/c3-1(4)6-7-2-5/h(H,3,4)/p-1
ChEBI Ontology
Outgoing nitrosoperoxycarbonate(1−) (CHEBI:62726) is a carbon oxoanion (CHEBI:35604)
nitrosoperoxycarbonate(1−) (CHEBI:62726) is conjugate base of nitrosoperoxycarbonic acid (CHEBI:62750)
Incoming nitrosoperoxycarbonic acid (CHEBI:62750) is conjugate acid of nitrosoperoxycarbonate(1−) (CHEBI:62726)
Synonyms Sources
nitrosoperoxycarbonate ChEBI
nitrosoperoxycarbonate anion ChEBI
nitrosoperoxycarbonate(−1) ChEBI
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