CHEBI:59769 - acetal

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ChEBI Name acetal
Definition An organooxygen compound having the structure RR'C(OR'')(OR''') (R'', R''' ≠ H). Mixed acetals have R'' and R''' groups which differ.
Stars This entity has been manually annotated by the ChEBI Team.
ChEBI Ontology
Outgoing acetal (CHEBI:59769) is a organooxygen compound (CHEBI:36963)
Incoming (E)-4-hydroxynon-2-enal dimethyl acetal (CHEBI:77419) is a acetal (CHEBI:59769)
4-amino-2-[amino-(methylthio)methylidene]-3-isocyano-4-(methylthio)-3-butenenitrile (CHEBI:92839) is a acetal (CHEBI:59769)
N,N-dimethylformamide dimethyl acetal (CHEBI:85061) is a acetal (CHEBI:59769)
N-butyl-N2-[(2Z)-2-(2-furyl)-2-(methoxyimino)acetyl]-3,3-dimethoxyalaninamide (CHEBI:63183) is a acetal (CHEBI:59769)
N2-[(2Z)-2-(2-amino-1,3-thiazol-4-yl)-2-(methoxyimino)acetyl]-N-butyl-3,3-dimethoxyalaninamide (CHEBI:63188) is a acetal (CHEBI:59769)
ampiroxicam (CHEBI:31210) is a acetal (CHEBI:59769)
citral dimethyl acetal (CHEBI:132331) is a acetal (CHEBI:59769)
cyclic acetal (CHEBI:59770) is a acetal (CHEBI:59769)
dimethoxymethane (CHEBI:48341) is a acetal (CHEBI:59769)
fenpicoxamid (CHEBI:136340) is a acetal (CHEBI:59769)
gabapentin enacarbil (CHEBI:68840) is a acetal (CHEBI:59769)
glycidyl 2,2-dinitropropyl formal (CHEBI:48340) is a acetal (CHEBI:59769)
ketal (CHEBI:59777) is a acetal (CHEBI:59769)
Metaldehyde (CHEBI:81931) is a acetal (CHEBI:59769)
pivaloyloxymethyl ester (CHEBI:136685) is a acetal (CHEBI:59769)
Vinylidene fluoride (CHEBI:82550) is a acetal (CHEBI:59769)
Synonym Source
acetals ChEBI
Last Modified
31 March 2017