CHEBI:73478 - acetylide

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ChEBI Name acetylide
Definition A compound arising by replacement of one or both hydrogen atoms of acetylene (ethyne) by a metal or other cationic group. By extension, the class of acetylides includes analogous compounds derived from terminal acetylenic compound, RC≡CH.
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Secondary ChEBI IDs CHEBI:55386
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ChEBI Ontology
Outgoing acetylide (CHEBI:73478) has functional parent terminal acetylenic compound (CHEBI:73477)
acetylide (CHEBI:73478) is a acetylenic compound (CHEBI:73474)
acetylide (CHEBI:73478) is a organic salt (CHEBI:24868)
acetylide (CHEBI:73478) is a organometallic compound (CHEBI:25707)
Incoming alkynyllithium compound (CHEBI:51464) is a acetylide (CHEBI:73478)
disodium acetylide (CHEBI:55388) is a acetylide (CHEBI:73478)
monosodium acetylide (CHEBI:55387) is a acetylide (CHEBI:73478)
Synonyms Sources
acetylides ChEBI
alkynylmetal compound ChEBI
alkynylmetal compounds ChEBI
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02 May 2013