CHEBI:51269 - acenes

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ChEBI Name acenes
Definition Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons consisting of fused benzene rings in a rectilinear arrangement and their substitution derivatives.
Stars This entity has been manually annotated by the ChEBI Team.
ChEBI Ontology
Outgoing acenes (CHEBI:51269) is a benzenoid aromatic compound (CHEBI:33836)
Incoming acene (CHEBI:35297) is a acenes (CHEBI:51269)
acene aldehyde (CHEBI:51291) is a acenes (CHEBI:51269)
acene ester (CHEBI:51305) is a acenes (CHEBI:51269)
acene nitrile (CHEBI:51298) is a acenes (CHEBI:51269)
acenoquinone (CHEBI:51285) is a acenes (CHEBI:51269)
anthracenes (CHEBI:46955) is a acenes (CHEBI:51269)
heptacenes (CHEBI:51273) is a acenes (CHEBI:51269)
hexacenes (CHEBI:51272) is a acenes (CHEBI:51269)
nonacenes (CHEBI:51275) is a acenes (CHEBI:51269)
octacenes (CHEBI:51274) is a acenes (CHEBI:51269)
pentacenes (CHEBI:51271) is a acenes (CHEBI:51269)
tetracenes (CHEBI:51270) is a acenes (CHEBI:51269)
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06 January 2009