CHEBI:50406 - probe

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ChEBI Name probe
Definition A role played by a molecular entity used to study the microscopic environment.
Stars This entity has been manually annotated by the ChEBI Team.
ChEBI Ontology
Outgoing probe (CHEBI:50406) is a application (CHEBI:33232)
Incoming 6β-hydroxycortisol (CHEBI:139271) has role probe (CHEBI:50406)
6β-hydroxycortisone (CHEBI:139269) has role probe (CHEBI:50406)
[(ppy)2Ir(mbpy-monoacid)]Cl (CHEBI:133488) has role probe (CHEBI:50406)
carbon monoxide (CHEBI:17245) has role probe (CHEBI:50406)
erythromycin-[N-methyl-14C] (CHEBI:145339) has role probe (CHEBI:50406)
fluorescent probe (CHEBI:39442) is a probe (CHEBI:50406)
peptide probe (CHEBI:139246) is a probe (CHEBI:50406)
spin probe (CHEBI:35226) is a probe (CHEBI:50406)
Last Modified
12 November 2019