CHEBI:48121 - polyene

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ChEBI Name polyene
Definition An olefin that contains more than one carbon-carbon double bond.
Stars This entity has been manually annotated by the ChEBI Team.
ChEBI Ontology
Outgoing polyene (CHEBI:48121) is a olefin (CHEBI:33641)
Incoming β-elemene (CHEBI:62854) is a polyene (CHEBI:48121)
β-geranylfarnesene (CHEBI:138226) is a polyene (CHEBI:48121)
β-heptaprene (CHEBI:138228) is a polyene (CHEBI:48121)
β-hexaprene (CHEBI:138227) is a polyene (CHEBI:48121)
4,4'-diapo-ζ-carotene (CHEBI:62741) is a polyene (CHEBI:48121)
4,4'-diaponeurosporene (CHEBI:62743) is a polyene (CHEBI:48121)
4,4'-diapophytoene (CHEBI:62736) is a polyene (CHEBI:48121)
4,4'-diapophytofluene (CHEBI:62739) is a polyene (CHEBI:48121)
4-(1-methyleneallyl)-1,5,5-trimethylcyclopentene (CHEBI:48695) is a polyene (CHEBI:48121)
torulene (CHEBI:9638) is a polyene (CHEBI:48121)
Synonym Source
polyenes ChEBI
Last Modified
30 October 2017