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ChEBI Name mineral
Definition In general, a mineral is a chemical substance that is normally crystalline formed and has been formed as a result of geological processes. The term also includes metamict substances (naturally occurring, formerly crystalline substances whose crystallinity has been destroyed by ionising radiation) and can include naturally occurring amorphous substances that have never been crystalline ('mineraloids') such as georgite and calciouranoite as well as substances formed by the action of geological processes on bigenic compounds ('biogenic minerals').
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ChEBI Ontology
Outgoing mineral (CHEBI:46662) is a chemical substance (CHEBI:59999)
Incoming azurite (CHEBI:52735) is a mineral (CHEBI:46662)
biogenic mineral (CHEBI:64391) is a mineral (CHEBI:46662)
carbonate mineral (CHEBI:46720) is a mineral (CHEBI:46662)
diatomaceous earth (CHEBI:82661) is a mineral (CHEBI:46662)
disodium tetraborate (CHEBI:38892) is a mineral (CHEBI:46662)
disodium tetraborate decahydrate (CHEBI:131366) is a mineral (CHEBI:46662)
disodium tetraborate octahydrate (CHEBI:38888) is a mineral (CHEBI:46662)
halide mineral (CHEBI:46714) is a mineral (CHEBI:46662)
hydrated silica (CHEBI:64393) is a mineral (CHEBI:46662)
mineral nutrient (CHEBI:167164) is a mineral (CHEBI:46662)
native element mineral (CHEBI:46730) is a mineral (CHEBI:46662)
oxide mineral (CHEBI:46725) is a mineral (CHEBI:46662)
phosphate mineral (CHEBI:46723) is a mineral (CHEBI:46662)
silicate mineral (CHEBI:46663) is a mineral (CHEBI:46662)
sulfate mineral (CHEBI:46716) is a mineral (CHEBI:46662)
sulfide mineral (CHEBI:46717) is a mineral (CHEBI:46662)
Synonyms Sources
minéral ChEBI
Minerale ChEBI
minerales ChEBI
minerals ChEBI
minéraux ChEBI
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06 January 2021
General Comment
2016-02-04 For the International Mineralogical Association definition of a mineral, see The definition of a mineral. E. H. Nickel, The Canadian Mineralogist, 1995, 33, 689-690.