CHEBI:39867 - valproic acid

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ChEBI Name valproic acid
Definition A branched-chain saturated fatty acid that comprises of a propyl substituent on a pentanoic acid stem.
Stars This entity has been manually annotated by the ChEBI Team.
Secondary ChEBI IDs CHEBI:9926, CHEBI:39858, CHEBI:115217
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Formula C8H16O2
Net Charge 0
Average Mass 144.21140
Monoisotopic Mass 144.11503
InChI InChI=1S/C8H16O2/c1-3-5-7(6-4-2)8(9)10/h7H,3-6H2,1-2H3,(H,9,10)
Roles Classification
Chemical Role(s): Bronsted acid
A molecular entity capable of donating a hydron to an acceptor (Bronsted base).
(via oxoacid )
Biological Role(s): GABA agent
A substance, such as agonists, antagonists, degradation or uptake inhibitors, depleters, precursors, and modulators of receptor function, used for its pharmacological actions on GABAergic systems.
EC (histone deacetylase) inhibitor
An EC 3.5.1.* (non-peptide linear amide C-N hydrolase) inhibitor that interferes with the function of histone deacetylase (EC
teratogenic agent
A role played by a chemical compound in biological systems with adverse consequences in embryo developments, leading to birth defects, embryo death or altered development, growth retardation and functional defect.
Application(s): GABA agent
A substance, such as agonists, antagonists, degradation or uptake inhibitors, depleters, precursors, and modulators of receptor function, used for its pharmacological actions on GABAergic systems.
A drug used to prevent seizures or reduce their severity.
psychotropic drug
A loosely defined grouping of drugs that have effects on psychological function.
neuroprotective agent
Any compound that can be used for the treatment of neurodegenerative disorders.
antimanic drug
Antimanic drugs are agents used to treat bipolar disorders or mania associated with other affective disorders.
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ChEBI Ontology
Outgoing valproic acid (CHEBI:39867) has functional parent valeric acid (CHEBI:17418)
valproic acid (CHEBI:39867) has role anticonvulsant (CHEBI:35623)
valproic acid (CHEBI:39867) has role antimanic drug (CHEBI:35477)
valproic acid (CHEBI:39867) has role EC (histone deacetylase) inhibitor (CHEBI:61115)
valproic acid (CHEBI:39867) has role GABA agent (CHEBI:51374)
valproic acid (CHEBI:39867) has role neuroprotective agent (CHEBI:63726)
valproic acid (CHEBI:39867) has role psychotropic drug (CHEBI:35471)
valproic acid (CHEBI:39867) has role teratogenic agent (CHEBI:50905)
valproic acid (CHEBI:39867) is a branched-chain fatty acid (CHEBI:35819)
valproic acid (CHEBI:39867) is a branched-chain saturated fatty acid (CHEBI:39417)
valproic acid (CHEBI:39867) is conjugate acid of valproate (CHEBI:60654)
Incoming valpromide (CHEBI:74562) has functional parent valproic acid (CHEBI:39867)
valproate semisodium (CHEBI:4667) has part valproic acid (CHEBI:39867)
valproate (CHEBI:60654) is conjugate base of valproic acid (CHEBI:39867)
2-propylpentanoic acid
INNs Sources
acide valproïque ChemIDplus
ácido valproico ChemIDplus
acidum valproicum ChemIDplus
valproic acid ChemIDplus
Synonyms Sources
2-n-propyl-n-valeric acid NIST Chemistry WebBook
2-propylpentanoic acid ChEMBL
2-propylvaleric acid ChemIDplus
4-heptanecarboxylic acid ChemIDplus
di-n-propylacetic acid ChemIDplus
Di-n-propylessigsäure ChemIDplus
dipropylacetic acid NIST Chemistry WebBook
DPA NIST Chemistry WebBook
n-DPA DrugBank
Valproinsäure ChEBI
Brand Name Source
Depakene KEGG DRUG
Manual Xrefs Databases
2803 DrugCentral
2PP PDBeChem
DB00313 DrugBank
HMDB0001877 HMDB
Valproic_Acid Wikipedia
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Registry Numbers Types Sources
1750447 Beilstein Registry Number ChemIDplus
1750447 Reaxys Registry Number Reaxys
99-66-1 CAS Registry Number ChemIDplus
99-66-1 CAS Registry Number NIST Chemistry WebBook
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22 February 2017
General Comment
2011-02-11 An anti-epilectic and anti-carcinogenic drug with toxic and teratogenic properties, which dissolves to valproate in the gut.