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ChEBI Name quark
Definition Quarks comprise one of two classes of the fundamental particles. Quarks possess fractional electric charges and are not observed in free state. The word "quark" first appears in James Joyce's Finnegans Wake and has been chosen by Murray Gell-Mann as a name for fundamental building blocks of particles.
Stars This entity has been manually annotated by the ChEBI Team.
ChEBI Ontology
Outgoing quark (CHEBI:36346) is a fermion (CHEBI:36340)
quark (CHEBI:36346) is a fundamental particle (CHEBI:33233)
Incoming bottom quark (CHEBI:36370) is a quark (CHEBI:36346)
charm quark (CHEBI:36369) is a quark (CHEBI:36346)
down quark (CHEBI:36367) is a quark (CHEBI:36346)
strange quark (CHEBI:36368) is a quark (CHEBI:36346)
top quark (CHEBI:36371) is a quark (CHEBI:36346)
up quark (CHEBI:36366) is a quark (CHEBI:36346)
Synonym Source
quarks ChEBI
Last Modified
04 August 2006