CHEBI:36141 - quinone

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ChEBI Name quinone
Definition Compounds having a fully conjugated cyclic dione structure, such as that of benzoquinones, derived from aromatic compounds by conversion of an even number of ‒CH= groups into ‒C(=O)‒ groups with any necessary rearrangement of double bonds (polycyclic and heterocyclic analogues are included).
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Secondary ChEBI IDs CHEBI:13684, CHEBI:26517
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ChEBI Ontology
Outgoing quinone (CHEBI:36141) is a cyclic ketone (CHEBI:3992)
Incoming p-quinones (CHEBI:25830) is a quinone (CHEBI:36141)
acenoquinone (CHEBI:51285) is a quinone (CHEBI:36141)
Acetylhaemoventosine (CHEBI:144182) is a quinone (CHEBI:36141)
Adriamycinone (CHEBI:165223) is a quinone (CHEBI:36141)
aminoacylquinone (CHEBI:22489) is a quinone (CHEBI:36141)
amrubicin (CHEBI:135779) is a quinone (CHEBI:36141)
amrubicinol (CHEBI:156204) is a quinone (CHEBI:36141)
benzimidazolequinone (CHEBI:51578) is a quinone (CHEBI:36141)
benzoisochromanequinone (CHEBI:48129) is a quinone (CHEBI:36141)
benzoquinones (CHEBI:22729) is a quinone (CHEBI:36141)
Grandiflorone (CHEBI:137843) is a quinone (CHEBI:36141)
Haemoventosine (CHEBI:144256) is a quinone (CHEBI:36141)
Hydroxyhaemoventosine (CHEBI:144257) is a quinone (CHEBI:36141)
hydroxyquinone (CHEBI:132130) is a quinone (CHEBI:36141)
m-quinone (CHEBI:25099) is a quinone (CHEBI:36141)
Methoxyhaemoventosine (CHEBI:144271) is a quinone (CHEBI:36141)
naphthoquinone (CHEBI:25481) is a quinone (CHEBI:36141)
orthoquinones (CHEBI:25622) is a quinone (CHEBI:36141)
pradimicin (CHEBI:83230) is a quinone (CHEBI:36141)
Prehumulone (CHEBI:174986) is a quinone (CHEBI:36141)
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Chinon ChEBI
quinone IUPAC
quinones ChEBI
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16 July 2020