CHEBI:35186 - terpene

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ChEBI Name terpene
Definition A hydrocarbon of biological origin having carbon skeleton formally derived from isoprene [CH2=C(CH3)CH=CH2].
Stars This entity has been manually annotated by the ChEBI Team.
ChEBI Ontology
Outgoing terpene (CHEBI:35186) is a hydrocarbon (CHEBI:24632)
terpene (CHEBI:35186) is a isoprenoid (CHEBI:24913)
Incoming terpenoid (CHEBI:26873) has parent hydride terpene (CHEBI:35186)
Benzylalcohol alpha-isobutyl-2,4,6-trimethyl(1-mestyl-3-methyl-1-butanol) (CHEBI:89473) is a terpene (CHEBI:35186)
diterpene (CHEBI:35190) is a terpene (CHEBI:35186)
hemiterpene (CHEBI:35188) is a terpene (CHEBI:35186)
Linalyl anthranilate (CHEBI:88541) is a terpene (CHEBI:35186)
monoterpene (CHEBI:35187) is a terpene (CHEBI:35186)
polyterpene (CHEBI:51960) is a terpene (CHEBI:35186)
sesquarterpene (CHEBI:64804) is a terpene (CHEBI:35186)
sesquiterpene (CHEBI:35189) is a terpene (CHEBI:35186)
sesterterpene (CHEBI:35192) is a terpene (CHEBI:35186)
tetraterpene (CHEBI:35193) is a terpene (CHEBI:35186)
triterpene (CHEBI:35191) is a terpene (CHEBI:35186)
Synonyms Sources
Terpen ChEBI
terpène IUPAC
terpènes IUPAC
terpeno IUPAC
terpenos IUPAC
Last Modified
19 January 2018