CHEBI:34674 - dextran sulfate

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ChEBI Name dextran sulfate
Definition A polymer composed of repeating (1→6)-α-linked anhydroglucose sulfate units.
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Formula (C12H20O29S6)n
Net Charge 0
Roles Classification
Biological Role(s): antiviral agent
A substance that destroys or inhibits replication of viruses.
anti-HIV agent
An antiviral agent that destroys or inhibits the replication of the human immunodeficiency virus.
Application(s): anticoagulant
An agent that prevents blood clotting.
antiatherosclerotic agent
A cardiovascular drug that prevents atherosclerosis (a disease in which the inside of an artery narrows due to the build up of plaque). Compare with antiatherogenic agent.
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ChEBI Ontology
Outgoing dextran sulfate (CHEBI:34674) has functional parent (1→6)-α-D-glucan (CHEBI:18269)
dextran sulfate (CHEBI:34674) has role anti-HIV agent (CHEBI:64946)
dextran sulfate (CHEBI:34674) has role antiatherosclerotic agent (CHEBI:145947)
dextran sulfate (CHEBI:34674) has role anticoagulant (CHEBI:50249)
dextran sulfate (CHEBI:34674) has role antiviral agent (CHEBI:22587)
dextran sulfate (CHEBI:34674) is a polysaccharide sulfate (CHEBI:37944)
dextran sulfate (CHEBI:34674) is conjugate acid of dextran sulfate anion (CHEBI:191931)
Incoming dextran sulfate anion (CHEBI:191931) is conjugate base of dextran sulfate (CHEBI:34674)
Synonyms Sources
Dextran polysulfate ChemIDplus
Dextran sulfate KEGG COMPOUND
Dextran sulfate 500 ChemIDplus
Dextran sulfuric acid ChemIDplus
Dextran sulfuric acid ester ChemIDplus
Dextran sulphate ChemIDplus
Polydextran sulfate ChemIDplus
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Registry Numbers Types Sources
8187464 Beilstein Registry Number Beilstein
9042-14-2 CAS Registry Number ChemIDplus
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17 May 2022