CHEBI:33338 - aryl group

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ChEBI Name aryl group
Definition A group derived from an arene by removal of a hydrogen atom from a ring carbon atom.
Stars This entity has been manually annotated by the ChEBI Team.
ChEBI Ontology
Outgoing aryl group (CHEBI:33338) is a hydrocarbyl group (CHEBI:33248)
aryl group (CHEBI:33338) is substituent group from arene (CHEBI:33658)
Incoming arenesulfonic acid (CHEBI:33555) has part aryl group (CHEBI:33338)
biphenyl-4-yl group (CHEBI:35447) is a aryl group (CHEBI:33338)
naphthyl group (CHEBI:51140) is a aryl group (CHEBI:33338)
phenyl group (CHEBI:30396) is a aryl group (CHEBI:33338)
pyrenyl group (CHEBI:51669) is a aryl group (CHEBI:33338)
tolyl group (CHEBI:52553) is a aryl group (CHEBI:33338)
aryl groups
Synonyms Sources
Arylgruppe ChEBI
groupe aryle IUPAC
grupos arilo IUPAC
Last Modified
07 March 2011