CHEBI:2937 - avenacoside A

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ChEBI Name avenacoside A
Definition A steroid saponin obtained from grain and leaves of oats (Avena sativa) that is nuatigenin in which the hydroxy group at position 26 is converted to its β-D-glucoside and in which the hydroxy group at position 3 is converted into its methyl α-L-rhamnopyranosyl-(1→2)-[β-D-glucopyranosyl-(1→4)]-β-D-glucopyranoside derivative.
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Formula C51H82O23
Net Charge 0
Average Mass 1063.18300
Monoisotopic Mass 1062.52469
InChI InChI=1S/C51H82O23/c1-20-31-27(73-51(20)13-12-48(3,74-51)19-65-44-38(61)36(59)33(56)28(16-52)68-44)15-26-24-7-6-22-14-23(8-10-49(22,4)25(24)9-11-50(26,31)5)67-47-43(72-45-39(62)35(58)32(55)21(2)66-45)41(64)42(30(18-54)70-47)71-46-40(63)37(60)34(57)29(17-53)69-46/h6,20-21,23-47,52-64H,7-19H2,1-5H3/t20-,21-,23-,24+,25-,26-,27-,28+,29+,30+,31-,32-,33+,34+,35+,36-,37-,38+,39+,40+,41-,42+,43+,44+,45-,46-,47+,48-,49-,50-,51-/m0/s1
SMILES [H][C@]12C[C@@]3([H])[C@]4([H])CC=C5C[C@H](CC[C@]5(C)[C@@]4([H])CC[C@]3(C)[C@@]1([H])[C@H](C)[C@@]1(CC[C@@](C)(CO[C@@H]3O[C@H](CO)[C@@H](O)[C@H](O)[C@H]3O)O1)O2)O[C@@H]1O[C@H](CO)[C@@H](O[C@@H]2O[C@H](CO)[C@@H](O)[C@H](O)[C@H]2O)[C@H](O)[C@H]1O[C@@H]1O[C@@H](C)[C@H](O)[C@@H](O)[C@H]1O
Roles Classification
Biological Role(s): metabolite
Any intermediate or product resulting from metabolism. The term 'metabolite' subsumes the classes commonly known as primary and secondary metabolites.
(via saponin )
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ChEBI Ontology
Outgoing avenacoside A (CHEBI:2937) has functional parent nuatigenin (CHEBI:15574)
avenacoside A (CHEBI:2937) has role metabolite (CHEBI:25212)
avenacoside A (CHEBI:2937) is a β-D-glucoside (CHEBI:22798)
avenacoside A (CHEBI:2937) is a hexacyclic triterpenoid (CHEBI:70994)
avenacoside A (CHEBI:2937) is a spiroketal (CHEBI:72600)
avenacoside A (CHEBI:2937) is a steroid saponin (CHEBI:61655)
avenacoside A (CHEBI:2937) is a trisaccharide derivative (CHEBI:63571)
Incoming 26-desglucoavenacoside A (CHEBI:75932) has functional parent avenacoside A (CHEBI:2937)
avenacoside B (CHEBI:2938) has functional parent avenacoside A (CHEBI:2937)
(3β,22S,25S)-3-{[6-deoxy-α-L-mannopyranosyl-(1→2)-[β-D-glucopyranosyl-(1→4)]-β-D-glucopyranosyl]oxy}-22,25-epoxyfurost-5-en-26-yl β-D-glucopyranoside
Synonyms Sources
avenacoside A UniProt
nuatigenin 3-O-{α-L-rhamnopyranosyl-(1→2)-[β-D-glucopyranosyl-(1→4)]-β-D-glucopyranoside}-26-O-β-D-glucopyranoside ChEBI
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C00003564 KNApSAcK
HMDB0033815 HMDB
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22997420 Reaxys Registry Number Reaxys
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Last Modified
04 August 2014
General Comment
2013-06-13 The structure shown is the revised structure as reported by Pecio, L., Jederejek, D., Masullo, M., Piacente, S., Oleszek, W. and Stochmal, A. (2012) Revised structures of avenacosides A and B and a new sulfated saponin from Avena sativa L. Magn. Reson. Chem., 2012, 50, 755-758.