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ChEBI Name butin
Definition A trihydroxyflavanone in which the three hydroxy substituents are located at positions 3', 4' and 7. It is found in Acacia mearnsii, Vernonia anthelmintica and Dalbergia odorifera and has a protective affect against oxidative stress-induced mitochondrial dysfunction.
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Secondary ChEBI IDs CHEBI:68331, CHEBI:3239, CHEBI:22962
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Formula C15H12O5
Net Charge 0
Average Mass 272.25280
Monoisotopic Mass 272.06847
InChI InChI=1S/C15H12O5/c16-9-2-3-10-12(18)7-14(20-15(10)6-9)8-1-4-11(17)13(19)5-8/h1-6,14,16-17,19H,7H2/t14-/m0/s1
SMILES Oc1ccc2C(=O)C[C@H](Oc2c1)c1ccc(O)c(O)c1
Metabolite of Species Details
Acacia mearnsii (NCBI:txid139012) Found in bark (BTO:0001301). Spray-dried aqueous extract of bark See: PubMed
Roles Classification
Chemical Role(s): antioxidant
A substance that opposes oxidation or inhibits reactions brought about by dioxygen or peroxides.
Biological Role(s): metabolite
Any intermediate or product resulting from metabolism. The term 'metabolite' subsumes the classes commonly known as primary and secondary metabolites.
Application(s): protective agent
Synthetic or natural substance which is given to prevent a disease or disorder or are used in the process of treating a disease or injury due to a poisonous agent.
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ChEBI Ontology
Outgoing butin (CHEBI:27725) has role antioxidant (CHEBI:22586)
butin (CHEBI:27725) has role metabolite (CHEBI:25212)
butin (CHEBI:27725) has role protective agent (CHEBI:50267)
butin (CHEBI:27725) is a 4'-hydroxyflavanones (CHEBI:140331)
butin (CHEBI:27725) is a trihydroxyflavanone (CHEBI:38739)
Incoming butrin (CHEBI:3244) has functional parent butin (CHEBI:27725)
Synonyms Sources
(−)-butin ChEBI
7,3',4'-Trihydroxyflavanone KEGG COMPOUND
Manual Xrefs Databases
Butin_(molecule) Wikipedia
C00000945 KNApSAcK
CN101559050 Patent
CN101559051 Patent
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Registry Numbers Types Sources
492-14-8 CAS Registry Number KEGG COMPOUND
492-14-8 CAS Registry Number ChemIDplus
5289868 Reaxys Registry Number Reaxys
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