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ChEBI Name terpenoid
Definition Any isoprenoid that is a natural product or related compound formally derived from isoprene units. Terpenoids may contain oxygen in various functional groups. This class is subdivided according to the number of carbon atoms in the parent terpene. The skeleton of terpenoids may differ from strict additivity of isoprene units by the loss or shift of a fragment, generally a methyl group.
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ChEBI Ontology
Outgoing terpenoid (CHEBI:26873) has parent hydride terpene (CHEBI:35186)
terpenoid (CHEBI:26873) is a isoprenoid (CHEBI:24913)
Incoming meroterpenoid (CHEBI:64419) has functional parent terpenoid (CHEBI:26873)
(R)-(+)-verbenone (CHEBI:9955) is a terpenoid (CHEBI:26873)
3''-hydroxy-geranylhydroquinone (CHEBI:61158) is a terpenoid (CHEBI:26873)
8-oxocitronellyl enol (CHEBI:144930) is a terpenoid (CHEBI:26873)
diterpenoid (CHEBI:23849) is a terpenoid (CHEBI:26873)
geranylhydroquinone (CHEBI:24233) is a terpenoid (CHEBI:26873)
ilicicolinate B (CHEBI:146152) is a terpenoid (CHEBI:26873)
monoterpenoid (CHEBI:25409) is a terpenoid (CHEBI:26873)
polyterpenoid (CHEBI:26207) is a terpenoid (CHEBI:26873)
sesquarterpenoid (CHEBI:51961) is a terpenoid (CHEBI:26873)
sesquiterpenoid (CHEBI:26658) is a terpenoid (CHEBI:26873)
sesterterpenoid (CHEBI:26660) is a terpenoid (CHEBI:26873)
terpene alkaloid (CHEBI:26871) is a terpenoid (CHEBI:26873)
terpene glycoside (CHEBI:61777) is a terpenoid (CHEBI:26873)
terpene ketone (CHEBI:26872) is a terpenoid (CHEBI:26873)
terpene lactone (CHEBI:37668) is a terpenoid (CHEBI:26873)
terpenyl phosphate (CHEBI:26875) is a terpenoid (CHEBI:26873)
tetraterpenoid (CHEBI:26935) is a terpenoid (CHEBI:26873)
trisporic acid (CHEBI:91017) is a terpenoid (CHEBI:26873)
triterpenoid (CHEBI:36615) is a terpenoid (CHEBI:26873)
Synonyms Sources
Terpenoid ChEBI
terpénoïde IUPAC
terpenoides IUPAC
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Terpenoid Wikipedia
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23 September 2019