CHEBI:24472 - halohydrocarbon

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ChEBI Name halohydrocarbon
Definition A compound derived from a hydrocarbon by replacing a hydrogen atom with a halogen atom.
Stars This entity has been manually annotated by the ChEBI Team.
ChEBI Ontology
Outgoing halohydrocarbon (CHEBI:24472) has parent hydride hydrocarbon (CHEBI:24632)
halohydrocarbon (CHEBI:24472) is a organohalogen compound (CHEBI:36684)
Incoming bromohydrocarbon (CHEBI:22926) is a halohydrocarbon (CHEBI:24472)
chlorohydrocarbon (CHEBI:23115) is a halohydrocarbon (CHEBI:24472)
fluorohydrocarbon (CHEBI:46695) is a halohydrocarbon (CHEBI:24472)
haloalkene (CHEBI:5610) is a halohydrocarbon (CHEBI:24472)
haloarene (CHEBI:50887) is a halohydrocarbon (CHEBI:24472)
iodohydrocarbon (CHEBI:50892) is a halohydrocarbon (CHEBI:24472)
Synonyms Sources
halogenated hydrocarbons ChEBI
halohydrocarbons ChEBI
Last Modified
07 January 2009