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ChEBI Name glycosphingolipid
Definition A glycosphingolipid is a glycolipid that is a carbohydrate-containing derivative of a sphingoid or ceramide. It is understood that the carbohydrate residue is attached by a glycosidic linkage to O-1 of the sphingoid.
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Secondary ChEBI IDs CHEBI:5498
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ChEBI Ontology
Outgoing glycosphingolipid (CHEBI:24402) is a glycolipid (CHEBI:33563)
glycosphingolipid (CHEBI:24402) is a sphingolipid (CHEBI:26739)
Incoming N-[(2S,3S,4R)-1-(α-D-galactosyloxy)-3,4-dihydroxyoctadecan-2-yl]hexacosanethioamide (CHEBI:86510) is a glycosphingolipid (CHEBI:24402)
acidic glycosphingolipid (CHEBI:36526) is a glycosphingolipid (CHEBI:24402)
Culinariside (CHEBI:169852) is a glycosphingolipid (CHEBI:24402)
Ganglioside GD2 (d18:1/25:0) (CHEBI:177822) is a glycosphingolipid (CHEBI:24402)
globoside (CHEBI:61360) is a glycosphingolipid (CHEBI:24402)
glycosylceramide (CHEBI:62941) is a glycosphingolipid (CHEBI:24402)
Lucyobroside (CHEBI:169916) is a glycosphingolipid (CHEBI:24402)
lyso-GM2 (CHEBI:141464) is a glycosphingolipid (CHEBI:24402)
neoglycosphingolipid (CHEBI:51021) is a glycosphingolipid (CHEBI:24402)
neutral glycosphingolipid (CHEBI:25513) is a glycosphingolipid (CHEBI:24402)
oceanalin A (CHEBI:66806) is a glycosphingolipid (CHEBI:24402)
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glycosphingolipids ChEBI
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2010-04-29 Additional citation (no PMID) -- Kawahara K et al., (1994): Isolation of Sphingomonas Strains from Ears of Rice and Other Plants of Family Gramineae - Biosci. Biotech. Biochem. 58(3): 600-601.