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ChEBI Name aflatoxin
Definition Any of a group of related and highly toxic secondary metabolites (mycotoxins) whose main structural feature is a fused coumarin-bis(dihydrofuran) ring system and which are produced by strains of the moulds Aspergillus flavus or A. parasiticus, together with further metabolites of these mycotoxins
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Biological Role(s): mycotoxin
Poisonous substance produced by fungi.
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ChEBI Ontology
Outgoing aflatoxin (CHEBI:22271) has role mycotoxin (CHEBI:25442)
aflatoxin (CHEBI:22271) is a cyclopentafurofurochromene (CHEBI:48210)
Incoming 8,9-dihydro-8-(S-glutathionyl)-9-hydroxyaflatoxin B1 (CHEBI:2505) is a aflatoxin (CHEBI:22271)
aflatoxin B1 (CHEBI:2504) is a aflatoxin (CHEBI:22271)
aflatoxin B1 8,9-dihydrodiol (CHEBI:53106) is a aflatoxin (CHEBI:22271)
aflatoxin B1 endo-8,9-oxide (CHEBI:78586) is a aflatoxin (CHEBI:22271)
aflatoxin B1 exo-8,9-epoxide (CHEBI:30725) is a aflatoxin (CHEBI:22271)
aflatoxin B2 (CHEBI:48209) is a aflatoxin (CHEBI:22271)
aflatoxin M1 (CHEBI:78576) is a aflatoxin (CHEBI:22271)
aflatoxin M1 8,9-epoxide (CHEBI:78577) is a aflatoxin (CHEBI:22271)
aflatoxin Q1 (CHEBI:78582) is a aflatoxin (CHEBI:22271)
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aflatoxins ChEBI
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