CHEBI:190358 - azobenzene

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ChEBI Name azobenzene
Definition A molecule whose structure comprises two phenyl rings linked by a N=N double bond; the parent compound of the azobenzene class of compounds.
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Formula C12H10N2
Net Charge 0
Average Mass 182.22120
Monoisotopic Mass 182.08440
InChI InChI=1S/C12H10N2/c1-3-7-11(8-4-1)13-14-12-9-5-2-6-10-12/h1-10H
SMILES c1ccc(cc1)N=Nc1ccccc1
ChEBI Ontology
Outgoing azobenzene (CHEBI:190358) is a azobenzenes (CHEBI:22682)
Incoming 2-(4-hydroxyphenylazo)benzoic acid (CHEBI:64341) has functional parent azobenzene (CHEBI:190358)
4,4'-diaminoazobenzene (CHEBI:53616) has functional parent azobenzene (CHEBI:190358)
4-(2-hydroxy-5-methylphenylazo)acetanilide (CHEBI:53617) has functional parent azobenzene (CHEBI:190358)
4-(4-nitrophenylazo)aniline (CHEBI:75648) has functional parent azobenzene (CHEBI:190358)
4-(phenylazo)aniline (CHEBI:233869) has functional parent azobenzene (CHEBI:190358)
p-azophenyltrimethylammonium (CHEBI:60567) has functional parent azobenzene (CHEBI:190358)
Disperse Red 1 (CHEBI:63557) has functional parent azobenzene (CHEBI:190358)
(E)-azobenzene (CHEBI:58996) is a azobenzene (CHEBI:190358)
(Z)-azobenzene (CHEBI:58997) is a azobenzene (CHEBI:190358)
Synonyms Sources
(E)-1,2-diphenyldiazene NIST Chemistry WebBook
1,2-Diphenyldiazene ChemIDplus
Azobenzide ChemIDplus
Azobenzol ChemIDplus
Azobisbenzene ChemIDplus
Azodibenzene ChemIDplus
Azodibenzeneazofume ChemIDplus
Azofume ChemIDplus
Benzeneazobenzene ChemIDplus
Benzofume ChemIDplus
Diazobenzene ChemIDplus
Diphenyldiazene ChemIDplus
Diphenyldiimide ChemIDplus
trans-Azobenzene NIST Chemistry WebBook
Manual Xref Database
1296 PPDB
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Registry Numbers Types Sources
103-33-3 CAS Registry Number ChemIDplus
103-33-3 CAS Registry Number NIST Chemistry WebBook
4376 Gmelin Registry Number Gmelin
742609 Beilstein Registry Number Beilstein
Last Modified
17 September 2013