CHEBI:18254 - ribonucleoside

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ChEBI Name ribonucleoside
Definition Any nucleoside where the sugar component is D-ribose.
Stars This entity has been manually annotated by the ChEBI Team.
Secondary ChEBI IDs CHEBI:8844, CHEBI:4240, CHEBI:13015, CHEBI:13014, CHEBI:13685, CHEBI:21085, CHEBI:26560
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Formula C5H9O4R
Net Charge 0
Average Mass (excl. R groups) 133.123
Monoisotopic Mass (excl. R groups) 133.05008
SMILES OC[C@H]1O[C@@H]([*])[C@H](O)[C@@H]1O
ChEBI Ontology
Outgoing ribonucleoside (CHEBI:18254) is a dihydroxytetrahydrofuran (CHEBI:47019)
ribonucleoside (CHEBI:18254) is a nucleoside (CHEBI:33838)
Incoming 5-aminoimidazole ribonucleoside (CHEBI:142416) is a ribonucleoside (CHEBI:18254)
7-deazaguanine ribonucleoside (CHEBI:50660) is a ribonucleoside (CHEBI:18254)
a pyrimidine ribonucleoside (CHEBI:141014) is a ribonucleoside (CHEBI:18254)
purine ribonucleoside (CHEBI:26399) is a ribonucleoside (CHEBI:18254)
pyrimidine ribonucleosides (CHEBI:39446) is a ribonucleoside (CHEBI:18254)
toyocamycin (CHEBI:134606) is a ribonucleoside (CHEBI:18254)
tubercidin (CHEBI:48267) is a ribonucleoside (CHEBI:18254)
Synonyms Sources
a ribonucleoside UniProt
Ribonucleoside KEGG COMPOUND
ribonucleosides ChEBI
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11 October 2018