CHEBI:17593 - maltooligosaccharide

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ChEBI Name maltooligosaccharide
Definition A glucooligosaccharide derived from glucose monomers linked via α-D-1,4 bonds as in maltose. The term is commonly applied to the series of linear oligosaccharides composed of two, three, four, five and six such units of glucose.
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Secondary ChEBI IDs CHEBI:64478, CHEBI:11169, CHEBI:543, CHEBI:18926
ChEBI Ontology
Outgoing maltooligosaccharide (CHEBI:17593) is a glucooligosaccharide (CHEBI:24268)
Incoming maltoheptaose heptasaccharide (CHEBI:62009) is a maltooligosaccharide (CHEBI:17593)
maltohexaose hexasaccharide (CHEBI:62007) is a maltooligosaccharide (CHEBI:17593)
maltopentaose pentasaccharide (CHEBI:61996) is a maltooligosaccharide (CHEBI:17593)
maltose (CHEBI:17306) is a maltooligosaccharide (CHEBI:17593)
maltotetraose tetrasaccharide (CHEBI:61986) is a maltooligosaccharide (CHEBI:17593)
maltotriose trisaccharide (CHEBI:61991) is a maltooligosaccharide (CHEBI:17593)
Synonyms Sources
(1→4)-α-D-glucooligosaccharides ChEBI
maltooligosaccharides ChEBI
Last Modified
22 June 2018