CHEBI:166888 - avenasterol

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ChEBI Name avenasterol
Definition A stigmastane sterol that is 5α-stigmastane carrying a hydroxy group at position 3β and double bonds at positions 7 and 24.
Stars This entity has been manually annotated by the ChEBI Team.
Submitter Liliana Andres
Secondary ChEBI IDs CHEBI:80096
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Formula C29H48O
Net Charge 0
Average Mass 412.702
Monoisotopic Mass 412.37052
InChI InChI=1S/C29H48O/c1-7-21(19(2)3)9-8-20(4)25-12-13-26-24-11-10-22-18-23(30)14-16-28(22,5)27(24)15-17-29(25,26)6/h7,11,19-20,22-23,25-27,30H,8-10,12-18H2,1-6H3/b21-7-/t20-,22+,23+,25-,26+,27+,28+,29-/m1/s1
SMILES [H][C@@]1(CC[C@@]2([H])C3=CC[C@@]4([H])C[C@@H](O)CC[C@]4(C)[C@@]3([H])CC[C@]12C)[C@H](C)CC\C(=C\C)C(C)C
Metabolite of Species Details
Lycium ruthenicum (NCBI:txid112879) See: PubMed
Carthamus oxyacanthus (NCBI:txid122010) See: DOI
Corylus avellana (NCBI:txid13451) See: PubMed
Avena strigosa (NCBI:txid38783) See: PubMed
Olea europaea (NCBI:txid4146) See: DOI
Sesamum indicum (NCBI:txid4182) See: PubMed
Carthamus tinctorius (NCBI:txid4222) See: DOI
Panax quinquefolius (NCBI:txid44588) See: PubMed
Mus musculus (NCBI:txid10090) Source: BioModels - MODEL1507180067 See: PubMed
Roles Classification
Biological Role(s): plant metabolite
Any eukaryotic metabolite produced during a metabolic reaction in plants, the kingdom that include flowering plants, conifers and other gymnosperms.
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ChEBI Ontology
Outgoing avenasterol (CHEBI:166888) has parent hydride 5α-stigmastane (CHEBI:20658)
avenasterol (CHEBI:166888) has role plant metabolite (CHEBI:76924)
avenasterol (CHEBI:166888) is a Δ7-sterol (CHEBI:138130)
avenasterol (CHEBI:166888) is a 3β-hydroxy steroid (CHEBI:36836)
avenasterol (CHEBI:166888) is a phytosterols (CHEBI:26125)
avenasterol (CHEBI:166888) is a stigmastane sterol (CHEBI:131703)
Synonyms Sources
(Z)-24-ethylidene-5α-cholest-7-en-3β-ol ChemIDplus
24Z-ethylidene-cholest-7-en-3β-ol LIPID MAPS
24Z-ethylidenelathosterol ChemIDplus
7-dehydroavenasterol KEGG COMPOUND
δ-7-avenasterol ChEBI
Δ-7-avenasterol ChEBI
δ7-avenasterol LIPID MAPS
Δ7-avenasterol ChEBI
delta7-avenasterol ChemIDplus
Manual Xrefs Databases
4444703 ChemSpider
Avenasterol Wikipedia
C00007322 KNApSAcK
CPD-4125 MetaCyc
FDB030685 FooDB
HMDB0006851 HMDB
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Registry Number Type Source
23290-26-8 CAS Registry Number ChemIDplus
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28 January 2021