CHEBI:16247 - phospholipid

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ChEBI Name phospholipid
Definition A lipid containing phosphoric acid as a mono- or di-ester. The term encompasses phosphatidic acids and phosphoglycerides.
Stars This entity has been manually annotated by the ChEBI Team.
Secondary ChEBI IDs CHEBI:8150, CHEBI:14816, CHEBI:26063
ChEBI Ontology
Outgoing phospholipid (CHEBI:16247) is a lipid (CHEBI:18059)
phospholipid (CHEBI:16247) is a organic phosphate (CHEBI:25703)
phospholipid (CHEBI:16247) is a phosphoric ester (CHEBI:37734)
phospholipid (CHEBI:16247) is conjugate acid of anionic phospholipid (CHEBI:62643)
Incoming aminophospholipid (CHEBI:60971) is a phospholipid (CHEBI:16247)
C30 phosphomycoketide (CHEBI:77481) is a phospholipid (CHEBI:16247)
C32 phosphomycoketide (CHEBI:77461) is a phospholipid (CHEBI:16247)
glycerophospholipid (CHEBI:37739) is a phospholipid (CHEBI:16247)
glycophospholipid (CHEBI:24397) is a phospholipid (CHEBI:16247)
isoprenoid phosphate (CHEBI:37841) is a phospholipid (CHEBI:16247)
miltefosine (CHEBI:75283) is a phospholipid (CHEBI:16247)
olefinic phospholipid (CHEBI:76170) is a phospholipid (CHEBI:16247)
oxidised phospholipid (CHEBI:60156) is a phospholipid (CHEBI:16247)
perifosine (CHEBI:67272) is a phospholipid (CHEBI:16247)
phosphosphingolipid (CHEBI:35786) is a phospholipid (CHEBI:16247)
anionic phospholipid (CHEBI:62643) is conjugate base of phospholipid (CHEBI:16247)
Synonyms Sources
a phospholipid derivative UniProt
Phospholipid KEGG COMPOUND
phospholipids ChEBI
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23 May 2019