CHEBI:131621 - C19-steroid

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ChEBI Name C19-steroid
ChEBI ASCII Name C19-steroid
Definition A steroid compound with a structure based on a 19-carbon (androstane) skeleton.
Stars This entity has been manually annotated by the ChEBI Team.
Submitter Nevila Nouspikel
ChEBI Ontology
Outgoing C19-steroid (CHEBI:131621) has parent hydride androstane (CHEBI:35509)
C19-steroid (CHEBI:131621) is a steroid (CHEBI:35341)
Incoming 1α-hydroxytestosterone (CHEBI:132358) is a C19-steroid (CHEBI:131621)
11β-hydroxytestosterone (CHEBI:81481) is a C19-steroid (CHEBI:131621)
16α-hydroxytestosterone (CHEBI:34172) is a C19-steroid (CHEBI:131621)
17β-hydroxy-5-androsten-3-one (CHEBI:141179) is a C19-steroid (CHEBI:131621)
2-hydroxyestradiol 3-methyl ether (CHEBI:89268) is a C19-steroid (CHEBI:131621)
androsterone (CHEBI:16032) is a C19-steroid (CHEBI:131621)
testosterone (CHEBI:17347) is a C19-steroid (CHEBI:131621)
Synonym Source
C19-steroids ChEBI
Last Modified
10 April 2018