CHEBI:83991 - imidothioate

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ChEBI Name imidothioate
Definition A compound with the general formula R'-N=C(SR)R'' where R is organyl and R' and R'' can be organyl or H.
Stars This entity has been manually annotated by the ChEBI Team.
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Formula CNSR3
Net Charge 0
Average Mass (excl. R groups) 58.084
Monoisotopic Mass (excl. R groups) 57.97515
SMILES [*]S\C([*])=N/[*]
ChEBI Ontology
Outgoing imidothioate (CHEBI:83991) is a organic sulfide (CHEBI:16385)
imidothioate (CHEBI:83991) is a organonitrogen compound (CHEBI:35352)
Incoming 2-(2-hydroxyphenyl)-4,5-dihydrothiazole-4-carboxylic acid (CHEBI:104585) is a imidothioate (CHEBI:83991)
ent-Photinus luciferin (CHEBI:139036) is a imidothioate (CHEBI:83991)
N-hydroxyimidothioate (CHEBI:136428) is a imidothioate (CHEBI:83991)
Photinus luciferin (CHEBI:17165) is a imidothioate (CHEBI:83991)
dihydrocamalexic acid (CHEBI:47794) is a imidothioate (CHEBI:83991)
firefly sulfoluciferin (CHEBI:133462) is a imidothioate (CHEBI:83991)
imibenconazole (CHEBI:81767) is a imidothioate (CHEBI:83991)
Synonym Source
imidothioates ChEBI
Last Modified
14 November 2017