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ChEBI Name fluazinam
Definition A member of the class of aminopyridines that is 2-amino-5-(trifluoromethyl)pyridine in which one of the amino hydrogens is replaced by a 3-chloro-2,6-dinitro-4-(trifluoromethyl)phenyl group. A fungicide used to control grey mould, downy mildew and other fungal pathogens.
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Formula C13H4Cl2F6N4O4
Net Charge 0
Average Mass 465.09200
Monoisotopic Mass 463.95138
InChI InChI=1S/C13H4Cl2F6N4O4/c14-6-1-4(12(16,17)18)3-22-11(6)23-9-7(24(26)27)2-5(13(19,20)21)8(15)10(9)25(28)29/h1-3H,(H,22,23)
SMILES [O-][N+](=O)c1cc(c(Cl)c(c1Nc1ncc(cc1Cl)C(F)(F)F)[N+]([O-])=O)C(F)(F)F
Roles Classification
Chemical Role(s): environmental contaminant
Any minor or unwanted substance introduced into the environment that can have undesired effects.
Bronsted base
A molecular entity capable of accepting a hydron from a donor (Bronsted acid).
(via organic amino compound )
Biological Role(s): apoptosis inducer
Any substance that induces the process of apoptosis (programmed cell death) in multi-celled organisms.
A chemical compound, or part thereof, which causes the onset of an allergic reaction by interacting with any of the molecular pathways involved in an allergy.
antifungal agrochemical
Any substance used in acriculture, horticulture, forestry, etc. for its fungicidal properties.
A xenobiotic (Greek, xenos "foreign"; bios "life") is a compound that is foreign to a living organism. Principal xenobiotics include: drugs, carcinogens and various compounds that have been introduced into the environment by artificial means.
Application(s): antifungal agrochemical
Any substance used in acriculture, horticulture, forestry, etc. for its fungicidal properties.
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Outgoing fluazinam (CHEBI:81843) has role allergen (CHEBI:50904)
fluazinam (CHEBI:81843) has role antifungal agrochemical (CHEBI:86328)
fluazinam (CHEBI:81843) has role apoptosis inducer (CHEBI:68495)
fluazinam (CHEBI:81843) has role environmental contaminant (CHEBI:78298)
fluazinam (CHEBI:81843) has role xenobiotic (CHEBI:35703)
fluazinam (CHEBI:81843) is a (trifluoromethyl)benzenes (CHEBI:83565)
fluazinam (CHEBI:81843) is a C-nitro compound (CHEBI:35716)
fluazinam (CHEBI:81843) is a aminopyridine (CHEBI:38207)
fluazinam (CHEBI:81843) is a chloropyridine (CHEBI:39173)
fluazinam (CHEBI:81843) is a monochlorobenzenes (CHEBI:83403)
fluazinam (CHEBI:81843) is a secondary amino compound (CHEBI:50995)
Synonym Source
3-chloro-N-(3-chloro-5-trifluoromethyl-2-pyridyl)-α,α,α-trifluoro-2,6-dinitro-p-toluidine Alan Wood's Pesticides
Brand Name Source
Shirlan ChemIDplus
Manual Xrefs Databases
325 PPDB
fluazinam Alan Wood's Pesticides
Fluazinam Wikipedia
NZ582589 Patent
WO2011092618 Patent
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4772672 Reaxys Registry Number Reaxys
79622-59-6 CAS Registry Number KEGG COMPOUND
79622-59-6 CAS Registry Number ChemIDplus
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