CHEBI:65865 - erylatissin C

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ChEBI Name erylatissin C
Definition A dihydroxyflavanone that is (2S)-flavanone substituted by hydroxy groups at positions 7 and 3', a methoxy group at position 4' and a prenyl group at position 5'. Isolated from Erythrina latissima, it exhibits antimicrobial and radical scavenging activities.
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Supplier Information
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Formula C21H22O5
Net Charge 0
Average Mass 354.39640
Monoisotopic Mass 354.14672
InChI InChI=1S/C21H22O5/c1-12(2)4-5-13-8-14(9-18(24)21(13)25-3)19-11-17(23)16-7-6-15(22)10-20(16)26-19/h4,6-10,19,22,24H,5,11H2,1-3H3/t19-/m0/s1
SMILES COc1c(O)cc(cc1CC=C(C)C)[C@@H]1CC(=O)c2ccc(O)cc2O1
Metabolite of Species Details
Erythrina latissima (NCBI:txid3844) Found in stem wood (BTO:0001469). See: PubMed
Roles Classification
Chemical Role(s): radical scavenger
A role played by a substance that can react readily with, and thereby eliminate, radicals.
Biological Role(s): plant metabolite
Any eukaryotic metabolite produced during a metabolic reaction in plants, the kingdom that include flowering plants, conifers and other gymnosperms.
antimicrobial agent
A substance that kills or slows the growth of microorganisms, including bacteria, viruses, fungi and protozoans.
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ChEBI Ontology
Outgoing erylatissin C (CHEBI:65865) has functional parent (2S)-flavanone (CHEBI:15606)
erylatissin C (CHEBI:65865) has role antimicrobial agent (CHEBI:33281)
erylatissin C (CHEBI:65865) has role plant metabolite (CHEBI:76924)
erylatissin C (CHEBI:65865) has role radical scavenger (CHEBI:48578)
erylatissin C (CHEBI:65865) is a 3'-hydroxyflavanones (CHEBI:48024)
erylatissin C (CHEBI:65865) is a 4'-methoxyflavanones (CHEBI:140332)
erylatissin C (CHEBI:65865) is a dihydroxyflavanone (CHEBI:38749)
erylatissin C (CHEBI:65865) is a monomethoxyflavanone (CHEBI:38738)
Synonym Source
(−)-7,3'-dihydroxy-4'-methoxy-5'-(γ,γ-dimethylallyl)flavanone ChEBI
Registry Number Type Source
10590939 Reaxys Registry Number Reaxys
Citation Waiting for Citations Type Source
15649516 PubMed citation Europe PMC
Last Modified
06 April 2018