CHEBI:60974 - cyanoamino acid

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ChEBI Name cyanoamino acid
Definition A non-proteinogenic amino acid modified by the addition of a cyano group.
Stars This entity has been manually annotated by the ChEBI Team.
Submitter Midori Harris
Roles Classification
Chemical Role(s): Bronsted base
A molecular entity capable of accepting a hydron from a donor (Bronsted acid).
(via organic amino compound )
Bronsted acid
A molecular entity capable of donating a hydron to an acceptor (Bronsted base).
(via oxoacid )
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ChEBI Ontology
Outgoing cyanoamino acid (CHEBI:60974) is a aliphatic nitrile (CHEBI:80291)
cyanoamino acid (CHEBI:60974) is a non-proteinogenic amino acid (CHEBI:83820)
cyanoamino acid (CHEBI:60974) is conjugate acid of cyanoamino acid anion (CHEBI:66934)
Incoming 3-cyano-L-alanine (CHEBI:16934) is a cyanoamino acid (CHEBI:60974)
cyanoamino acid anion (CHEBI:66934) is conjugate base of cyanoamino acid (CHEBI:60974)
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cyanoamino acids ChEBI
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01 May 2015