CHEBI:55366 - ribonucleotide residue

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ChEBI Name ribonucleotide residue
Definition A nucleotide residue consisting of a nucleobase bound at the glycosidic nitrogen to a ribose ring that has a free valence at an oxygen atom and which is bound at the O-5' atom to a phosphate group, having a further free valence at one of its oxygen atoms.
Stars This entity has been manually annotated by the ChEBI Team.
Submitter Colin Batchelor
ChEBI Ontology
Outgoing ribonucleotide residue (CHEBI:55366) is a nucleotide residue (CHEBI:50319)
ribonucleotide residue (CHEBI:55366) is conjugate acid of ribonucleotide residue(1−) (CHEBI:90675)
Incoming 3-methyldeoxyadenosine 5ʼ-monophosphate residue (CHEBI:139087) is a ribonucleotide residue (CHEBI:55366)
ribonucleotide residue(1−) (CHEBI:90675) is conjugate base of ribonucleotide residue (CHEBI:55366)
Synonym Source
ribonucleotide residues ChEBI
Last Modified
01 February 2018