CHEBI:25185 - menaquinones

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ChEBI Name menaquinones
Definition Any prenylnaphthoquinone having a prenyl or polyprenyl group at position 3 and a methyl group at position 2 on the naphthoquinone ring.
Stars This entity has been manually annotated by the ChEBI Team.
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Formula C11H4O2R4(C5H8)n
Net Charge 0
ChEBI Ontology
Outgoing menaquinones (CHEBI:25185) is a prenylnaphthoquinone (CHEBI:26254)
Incoming β-dihydromenaquinone-9 (CHEBI:134607) is a menaquinones (CHEBI:25185)
ω-hydroxy-β-dihydromenaquinone-9 (CHEBI:140189) is a menaquinones (CHEBI:25185)
8-methylmenaquinone (CHEBI:142110) is a menaquinones (CHEBI:25185)
8-methylmenaquinone-6 (CHEBI:134356) is a menaquinones (CHEBI:25185)
menaquinone (CHEBI:16374) is a menaquinones (CHEBI:25185)
Last Modified
29 November 2018