CHEBI:113449 - sodium 4-hydroxybenzoate

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ChEBI Name sodium 4-hydroxybenzoate
Definition An organic sodium salt resulting from the replacement of the proton from the carboxy group of 4-hydroxybenzoic acid by a sodium ion.
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Supplier Information
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Formula C7H5NaO3
Net Charge 0
Average Mass 160.103
Monoisotopic Mass 160.01364
InChI InChI=1S/C7H6O3.Na/c8-6-3-1-5(2-4-6)7(9)10;/h1-4,8H,(H,9,10);/q;+1/p-1
SMILES C(C=1C=CC(=CC1)O)([O-])=O.[Na+]
Metabolite of Species Details
Chlamydomonas reinhardtii (NCBI:txid3055) See: PubMed
Cordyceps sinensis (NCBI:txid72228) Found in mycelium (BTO:0001436). Ethanolic extract of dried mycelia See: PubMed
Roles Classification
Biological Role(s): algal metabolite
Any eukaryotic metabolite produced during a metabolic reaction in algae including unicellular organisms like chlorella and diatoms to multicellular organisms like giant kelps and brown algae.
plant metabolite
Any eukaryotic metabolite produced during a metabolic reaction in plants, the kingdom that include flowering plants, conifers and other gymnosperms.
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ChEBI Ontology
Outgoing sodium 4-hydroxybenzoate (CHEBI:113449) has part 4-hydroxybenzoate (CHEBI:17879)
sodium 4-hydroxybenzoate (CHEBI:113449) has role algal metabolite (CHEBI:84735)
sodium 4-hydroxybenzoate (CHEBI:113449) has role plant metabolite (CHEBI:76924)
sodium 4-hydroxybenzoate (CHEBI:113449) is a organic sodium salt (CHEBI:38700)
sodium 4-hydroxybenzoate
Synonyms Sources
4-Hydroxybenzoic acid sodium salt ChemIDplus
Monosodium 4-hydroxybenzoate ChemIDplus
Monosodium p-hydroxybenzoate ChemIDplus
p-Hydroxybenzoic acid sodium salt ChemIDplus
Sodium p-hydroxybenzoate ChemIDplus
Registry Numbers Types Sources
114-63-6 CAS Registry Number ChemIDplus
4163553 Reaxys Registry Number Reaxys
Last Modified
12 April 2016