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ChEBI Name pyrabactin
Definition A sulfonamide obtained by formal condensation of the sulfo group of 4-bromonaphthalene-1-sulfonic acid with the exocyclic amino group of 2-pyridylmethylamine. Mimics the action of the abscisic acid, a phytohormone.
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Formula C16H13BrN2O2S
Net Charge 0
Average Mass 377.25600
Monoisotopic Mass 375.98811
InChI InChI=1S/C16H13BrN2O2S/c17-15-8-9-16(14-7-2-1-6-13(14)15)22(20,21)19-11-12-5-3-4-10-18-12/h1-10,19H,11H2
SMILES Brc1ccc(c2ccccc12)S(=O)(=O)NCc1ccccn1
Roles Classification
Biological Role(s): abscisic acid receptor agonist
An agonist that binds to and activates abscisic acid receptors.
Originally referring to an endogenous compound that is formed in specialized organ or group of cells and carried to another organ or group of cells, in the same organism, upon which it has a specific regulatory function, the term is now commonly used to include non-endogenous, semi-synthetic and fully synthetic analogues of such compounds.
plant growth regulator
A chemical, natural or artificial, that can affect the rate of growth of a plant.
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Outgoing pyrabactin (CHEBI:73159) has role abscisic acid receptor agonist (CHEBI:73191)
pyrabactin (CHEBI:73159) has role hormone (CHEBI:24621)
pyrabactin (CHEBI:73159) has role plant growth regulator (CHEBI:26155)
pyrabactin (CHEBI:73159) is a naphthalenes (CHEBI:25477)
pyrabactin (CHEBI:73159) is a organobromine compound (CHEBI:37141)
pyrabactin (CHEBI:73159) is a pyridines (CHEBI:26421)
pyrabactin (CHEBI:73159) is a sulfonamide (CHEBI:35358)
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Pyrabactin Wikipedia
US2010216643 Patent
US2011230350 Patent
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20607875 Reaxys Registry Number Reaxys
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