CHEBI:22909 - borate ion

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ChEBI Name borate ion
Definition Any inorganic anion that is formally derived from boric acid. The term includes polymeric anions containing chains of BO3 structural units sharing one oxygen atom (e.g. di-, tri-, and tetraborates) as well as chains or rings sharing two oxygen atoms (e.g. metaborates).
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ChEBI Ontology
Outgoing borate ion (CHEBI:22909) is a boron oxoanion (CHEBI:33619)
borate ion (CHEBI:22909) is a inorganic anion (CHEBI:24834)
Incoming borate (CHEBI:22908) is a borate ion (CHEBI:22909)
dihydrogenborate (CHEBI:29254) is a borate ion (CHEBI:22909)
hydrogenborate (CHEBI:29255) is a borate ion (CHEBI:22909)
tetrahydroxoborate(1−) (CHEBI:41132) is a borate ion (CHEBI:22909)
Synonyms Sources
borate anions ChEBI
borate ion ChEBI
borate ions ChEBI
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15 January 2015