CHEBI:17378 - D-glyceraldehyde

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- 7556 Protein Sequences
  • 7550 UniProt KB UniProt Knowledge Base of protein sequences.    Waiting for UniProt KB xrefs
  • 6 PDBe PDBe is the European resource for the collection, organisation and dissemination of data on biological macromolecular structures.    Waiting for PDB xrefs
- 15 Small molecules
  • 0 CarotenoidsDatabase A Database of information on naturally occurring carotenoids from many organisms extracted from the literature.
  • 0 NMRShiftDB NMRShiftDB is a NMR database for organic structures and their nuclear magnetic resonance (nmr) spectra.
  • 2 PubChem PubChem is a database of molecules and their properties. SID numbers link to information submitted to PubChem by ChEBI; CID numbers link to a summary of information from all submitters.    Waiting for PubChem xrefs
  • 13 Golm A database of mass spectra from metabolites quantified using gas chromatography (GC) coupled to mass spectroscopy (MS)    Waiting for Golm xrefs
    1. 0 MassBank High Quality Mass Spectral Database
    2. 0 SwissLipids A knowledge resource for lipids and their biology.
    - 1 Gene Expression
    - 6 Molecular Interactions
    • 2 ACToR Aggregated Computational Toxicology Online Resource (ACToR)    Waiting for ACToR xrefs
    • 0 BindingDB A database of measured binding affinities, focusing on the interactions of proteins considered to be drug-targets with small, drug-like molecules.
    • 0 IntAct Interactions A database of evidence for molecular interactions
    • 0 IEDB Immune Epitope Database
    • 0 ChEMBL A database of bioactive drug-like small molecules and associated bioactivities abstracted from the scientific literature
    • 1 BRENDA Ligand BRENDA Ligands refer to all compounds which interact with enzymes.    Waiting for BRENDA xrefs
    • 1 CompTox CompTox provides a high quality public chemistry resource for supporting improved predictive toxicology.    Waiting for CompTox xrefs
    • 2 MetaboLights MetaboLights is a database for Metabolomics experiments and derived information    Waiting for Metabolights xrefs
    - 2 Literature
    • 1 Patents Biology-related abstracts of patent applications.    Waiting for Patent xrefs
    • 1 SureChEMBL SureChEMBL provides free access to chemical data extracted from the patent literature.    Waiting for SureChembl xrefs
    - 41 Reactions & Pathways
    • 1 BioModels Database of Mathematical models of biological interest.    Waiting for BioModels xrefs
    • 1 BKMS-react BKMS-react is an integrated and non-redundant biochemical reaction database containing known enzyme-catalyzed and spontaneous reactions.    Waiting for BKMS-react xrefs
    • 10 Rhea Rhea is a freely available, manually annotated database of biochemical reactions.    Waiting for Rhea xrefs
    • 3 Reactome A curated knowledgebase of biological pathways.    Waiting for Reactome xrefs
    • 25 SABIO-RK System for the Analysis of Biochemical Pathways - Reaction Kinetics.    Waiting for SABIO-RK xrefs
    • 1 Virtual Metabolic Human A biochemical knowledge-base on human metabolism.    Waiting for Virtual Metabolic Human xrefs
    - 69 Enzymes
    • 39 BRENDA BRENDA is an enzyme information system.    Waiting for BRENDA xrefs
    • 7 IntEnz Integrated relational Enzyme database.    Waiting for IntEnz xrefs
    • 23 Enzyme Portal Enzyme Portal Database    Waiting for IntEnz xrefs