CHEBI:65256 - antimicrobial food preservative

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ChEBI Name antimicrobial food preservative
Definition A food preservative which prevents decomposition of food by preventing the growth of fungi or bacteria. In European countries, E-numbers for permitted food preservatives are from E200 to E299, divided into sorbates (E200-209), benzoates (E210-219), sulfites (E220-229), phenols and formates (E230-239), nitrates (E240-259), acetates (E260-269), lactates (E270-279), propionates (E280-289) and others (E290-299).
Stars This entity has been manually annotated by the ChEBI Team.
Members Of antimicrobial food preservative Class
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methylparaben Mass : 152.14730
Formula : C8H8O3
potassium sorbate Mass : 150.21690
Formula : C6H7KO2
benzoic acid Mass : 122.12130
Formula : C7H6O2
ethylparaben Mass : 166.174
Formula : C9H10O3
sodium benzoate Mass : 144.103
Formula : C7H5NaO2
biphenyl Mass : 154.20780
Formula : C12H10 C12H10
propyl benzoate Mass : 164.204
Formula : C10H12O2
butyl benzoate Mass : 178.231
Formula : C11H14O2
sodium nitrite Mass : 68.99530
Formula : NNaO2
acetic acid Mass : 60.05200
Formula : C2H4O2
nisin Mass : 3354.07100
Formula : C143H230N42O37S7
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