CHEBI:63248 - oxidising agent

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ChEBI Name oxidising agent
Definition A substance that removes electrons from another reactant in a redox reaction.
Stars This entity has been manually annotated by the ChEBI Team.
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lead tetraacetate
Mass :443.40000
Formula : C8H12O8Pb
potassium dichromate
Mass :294.18460
Formula : Cr2K2O7
Mass :31.99880
Formula : O2
sodium periodate
Mass :213.89180
Formula : INaO4
sodium bromate
Mass :150.89200
Formula : BrNaO3
urea hydrogen peroxide
Mass :94.06990
Formula : CH6N2O3
ammonium nitrate
Mass :80.04340
Formula : H4N2O3
ammonium persulfate
Mass :196.190
Formula : O6S2.H4N.H4N
tert-butyl hydroperoxide
Mass :90.12100
Formula : C4H10O2
Mass :115.99370
Formula : CrO4
chromic acid
Mass :118.00958
Formula : CrH2O4
Mass :47.99820
Formula : O3
potassium chromate
Mass :194.19030
Formula : CrK2O4
nitryl chloride
Mass :81.458
Formula : ClNO2
lithium nitrate
Mass :68.94600
Formula : LiNO3
Mass :44.05256
Formula : C2H4O
Mass :220.310
Formula : C10H8N2S2
osmium tetroxide
Mass :254.222
Formula : O4Os
sodium chlorite
Mass :90.44200
Formula : ClNaO2
sodium chromate
Mass :161.97320
Formula : CrNa2O4
cumene hydroperoxide
Mass :152.19040
Formula : C9H12O2
hypothiocyanous acid
Mass :75.091
Formula : CHNOS
hydrogen peroxide
Mass :34.01468
Formula : H2O2
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