CHEBI:52214 - ligand

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ChEBI Name ligand
Definition Any molecule or ion capable of binding to a central metal atom to form coordination complexes.
Stars This entity has been manually annotated by the ChEBI Team.
Members Of ligand Class
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carbon monoxide Mass : 28.01010
Formula : CO
propylenediamine Mass : 74.12498
Formula : C3H10N2
curcumin Mass : 368.381
Formula : C21H20O6
2,2'-bipyridine Mass : 156.18400
Formula : C10H8N2
sulfamethazine Mass : 278.33000
Formula : C12H14N4O2S
AP20187 Mass : 1482.752
Formula : C82H107N5O20
Definition : An aminoglycan composed of a backbone of N-acetyllactosamine repeating units that are joined to each other via beta-(1right3)-linkages.
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