CHEBI:37848 - plant hormone

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ChEBI Name plant hormone
Definition A plant growth regulator that modulates the formation of stems, leaves and flowers, as well as the development and ripening of fruit. The term includes endogenous and non-endogenous compounds (e.g. active compounds produced by bacteria on the leaf surface) as well as semi-synthetic and fully synthetic compounds.
Stars This entity has been manually annotated by the ChEBI Team.
Secondary ChEBI IDs CHEBI:26158
Members Of plant hormone Class
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(-)-methyl jasmonate Mass : 224.29610
Formula : C13H20O3
2-chlorobenzoic acid Mass : 156.56600
Formula : C7H5ClO2
Definition : A family of sesquiterpene lactones with a common structure consisting of two lactone moieties (one a butenolide, the other a tricyclic gamma-lactone) connected by an enol-ether bridge. Originally used to describe phytohormones with diverse signaling activities, biosynthesised from carotenoids, the term also includes synthetic analogues.
indole-3-acetic acid Mass : 175.18400
Formula : C10H9NO2
indole-3-butyric acid Mass : 203.23710
Formula : C12H13NO2
indole-3-acetonitrile Mass : 156.184
Formula : C10H8N2 C10H8N2
ethene Mass : 28.05316
Formula : C2H4
(-)-abscisic acid Mass : 264.31690
Formula : C15H20O4
brassinolide Mass : 480.67712
Formula : C28H48O6
salicylic acid Mass : 138.12070
Formula : C7H6O3
12-oxo-trans-10-dodecenoic acid Mass : 212.28540
Formula : C12H20O3
carlactone Mass : 302.40790
Formula : C19H26O3
traumatic acid Mass : 228.28480
Formula : C12H20O4
(+)-abscisic acid Mass : 264.31690
Formula : C15H20O4
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